It is important to contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney if you or your son or daughter has been charged with a traffic ticket. The consequences can be more severe for them than they may be for an older member of the community.

There are two main concerns regarding young drivers. The first is very simple. Any person under the age of 18 convicted of any moving violation is required by law to complete a Driver Improvement Program. The judge does not have any authority to waive this requirement. If you son or daughter is charged with a speeding ticket or any other form of traffic ticket, it is important to contact a traffic defense attorney who knows the local court systems. Many localities will allow a deferred disposition which will require the individual to complete a Driver Improvement course in exchange for dismissing the charge. This is certainly a much better option than pre-paying the ticket only to find out that the individual will have a conviction, increased insurance rates, and still have to complete the same course!

Another more serious concern regarding young drivers is as follows. Any person charged with two moving violations while under 18 years of age, and convicted of the second offense while under 19 years of age will have their license suspended for a period of 90 days. Any person charged with three moving violations while under the age of 18, and convicted of the final (third) violation while under the age of 19 will have their driver’s license suspended for a period of one year.

Two very minor speeding tickets, or a speeding ticket and a stop sign violation can result in a license suspension. Don’t let this happen.

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