Why Do I Need a DUI Attorney in Richmond VA?

Many people talk to us in their initial legal consultation about why it is important to hire a qualified, experienced DUI attorney in Richmond VA, after a DUI arrest. We often cite a number of powerful statistics and examples to demonstrate the immense value of hiring a highly-rated, exceptionally well-qualified DUI attorney in Richmond, VA. Below are a few of the simple reasons why a DUI attorney in Richmond, VA, can make an invaluable difference in your future.

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1.In the five years between 2007 and 2011 179,081 drivers were arrested for DUI. 9,260, or 20 percent, were repeat offenders. During the same period 83.1 percent, or 148,915 drivers, were convicted of DUI. The recidivism rate was 16 percent.

2.Virginia is one of fourteen states in the country to mandate ignition interlock requirements for all DUI offenses. Under Virginia law, “tampering or attempting to circumvent an interlock is a Class 1 misdemeanor.”

3.Virginia alcohol exclusion laws allow insurance companies to deny payment for medical treatment of injuries sustained by a driver convicted of DUI.

4.Only a court can restore your driving privileges after you have been declared a habitual DUI offender.

5.Repeat offenders face mandatory minimum jail terms ranging from 10 days to six months, depending on the time between DUI convictions, along with longer driving license suspensions.

6.Some of the penalties upon DUI conviction include heavy fines, possible court-ordered restitution, license suspension, Virginia ASAP, a jail sentence, confiscation of your vehicle, and eventual installation of an ignition interlock device. Proving reasonable doubt can lead to a reduction of charges or a complete dismissal of your DUI case.

7.Virginia requires drivers with DUI convictions to file an FR-44 Financial Responsibility Certification requiring you to carry auto insurance coverage at a much higher rate than most policy requirements.

8.BAC results over 0.15 and .20 respectively carry additional penalties.

9.If you are under 21, a repeat or habitual offender, or are involved in a DUI-related crash involving injuries or fatalities, the complexities of your case demand a highly-trained DUI attorney in Richmond VA, with an expansive background in criminal law and multidisciplinary knowledge of a cross-section of various legal specialties.

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