What to Expect From Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Henrico County, VA

Your criminal defense lawyer in Henrico County, VA will deal with all issues involving your arrest, a criminal investigation, specific criminal charges, appeals and post-trial issues. Initial work on your criminal case includes a review of the charges and the purported facts, an analysis for constitutional violations, the prima facie burden of the prosecution, possible defenses, a potential sentence and any sentencing issues.

Early stages of a criminal case may involve a grand jury or preliminary hearing to determine if probable cause exists for your case to continue. A violation of the Fourth or Fifth Amendment, or other illegally obtained evidence, could result in that evidence being inadmissible at trial. Your criminal defense lawyer in Henrico County, VA should spend a considerable amount of time reviewing all documentation to determine if your case can be won on Constitutional grounds due to illegal conduct by government representatives.

If there are no Constitutional violations, much of the work your criminal defense attorney in Henrico County, VA does is focused on preparation for trial. They may propose a settlement agreement prior to trial. Your Henrico County criminal defense lawyer can discuss potential plea agreements with the Commonwealth’s prosecuting attorney as an alternative to exercising your right to trial. In fact, a majority of criminal cases in the country are resolved in this manner.

Both misdemeanor and felony criminal charges can be brought for indictment at either the state or federal court level. A criminal lawyer in Henrico County, VA defending against federal charges has a much more challenging task than one providing client representation in Virginia circuit or general district courts. In the event that you are under federal investigation, or facing indictment in federal court, it is critical that the criminal defense lawyer in Henrico County, VA you select has experience and success litigating at the federal court level.

Your criminal attorney’s local familiarity and reputation can hasten your experience. Their legal knowledge, skillful plea bargain negotiations, and back-room arguments with the prosecuting attorneys can get the results you need well before you ever begin the trial phase. This is why you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Henrico County, VA with exceptional presentation and litigation skills fighting for you.

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