What to expect from a criminal lawyer in Fairfax VA

What to expect from a criminal lawyer in Fairfax VA? The United States justice system offers little sympathy to those who are convicted and why prosecutors get to push for maximum sentences. The underlying strength of a criminal lawyer lies in this because the job of the lawyer is to protect the client and to counter the prosecutor’s charges to as little as possible with the help of the law. When hiring a criminal attorney in Fairfax Virginia, he/she will help you in a variety of areas.

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1. Possession of alcohol. When there is an arrest involving alcohol, there are usually three main charges. The first one being alcohol possession where the officer sees you in public with alcohol or drinking public alcohol Juvenile Possession will result in license suspension, probation, and even incarceration. Lastly, drinking and driving, it violates open container charges.

2. DUI/DWI charges. Virginia has one of the most severe laws when it comes to drunk driving and DUI. Although most cases end with a small fine and a deduction of points, the maximum punishment ranges from a $2500 fine, 12 months in prison, and a year of license suspension.

3. Reckless driving charges. Traffic violations are also severe in Fairfax, VA where in other states you get a mere ticket for speeding. For every mile you exceed above 90 mph, you are sentenced to one day of jail time if it’s a maximum sentence. The speed limit of Fairfax County is around 80 mph and exceeding that is an infraction.

4. Grand Larceny. Petty theft and larceny like shoplifting will leave a stain on your record. The two types of larceny are grand larceny and petty larceny. Petty larceny is stealing something worth two hundred dollars or less, but grand larceny is a felony where mugging or violation of other rights during the theft occurs.

5. Narcotics arrests. Virginia law has severe punishment for those charged with misdemeanor or drug felonies with jail time. Depending on what drugs were involved, the sentence is varied.

If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Fairfax, VA, the points stated above are a few things you should expect your attorney to help fight for you.