What happens with a first DUI offense in Fairfax VA

What happens with a first DUI offense in Fairfax VA? Driving under the influence, or DUI, cause more than 10,000 deaths a year in America alone. The law does not take DUI offenses lightly, and this is especially true in Fairfax, Virginia. Fairfax is known to have severe sentences for those who recklessly drive and those who drive under the influence. Standard DUI penalties include the following:

  1. A fine. Usually between $250 to $500 for the first offense
  2. Jail sentence with court payments, and some or all of suspension time
  3. Loss of license for 12 months or a restricted license.

What happens with a first DUI offense in Fairfax VA? Need Help Now?

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There are many influences that affect the outcome of your trial, and they should be talked about with your drunk driving lawyer to help your case:

  1. If you have previous convictions for reckless or drunk driving
  2. Your driving record and if your history is clean
  3. Your cooperation with the officer at the time of field testing and stop.

Your cooperation with the officer during a DUI stop very important because, under Virginia Law, your sentence will be added if you refuse to take a mandatory field sobriety or blood/breath test. It is considered a civil offense and the charges and penalties with refusing the test is steep with a one-year suspension of your license. To make it worse, if you have another refusal within the past ten years, then your class 1 misdemeanor turns into felony that is punishable by half a year in prison and a thousand dollars in fines.

When in this situation in Fairfax, VA, your best option is to hire a DUI lawyer and to lay out the plans and points to strengthen your argument during the trial. Your lawyer will ask you to describe in detail your encounter with the officer and if the officer was clear in giving you instructions during the field sobriety tests. Your lawyer will also ask you to get records of your driving history to give you an idea what you should expect.

A DUI charge in Fairfax VA is a misdemeanor punishable by jail time and license suspension and the points mentioned before is what you should expect with your first DUI.