What Can a Fairfax VA drunk driving lawyer do for you?

What Can a Fairfax VA drunk driving lawyer do for you? Not every person who gets convicted of drunk driving, or driving under the influence, is found guilty and sentenced to jail time. In fact, thousands of people each year in Fairfax County alone are convicted of drunk driving every year. With this in mind, it should be considered that when found guilty of DUI, the sentence is harsh. The following are just some punishments for a first-time conviction:

  1. Loss of driving privileges and license suspension for one year.
  2. Serving jail time for up to one year.
  3. A hefty fine of $2500.00

What Can a Fairfax VA drunk driving lawyer do for you?

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Those are severe punishments for a first-time sentence, so a Fairfax, VA drunk driving lawyer will try every way possible to lessen a sentence. Some factors to consider when discussing the case with your lawyer are the following:

  1. If your blood alcohol level at the time of officer testing is higher than .14
  2. The status of your driving record and if your history is clean
  3. Your cooperation with the officer at the time of testing.

When you provide vital information to your Fairfax, VA drunk driving lawyer, your argument becomes that much stronger and your sentence that much lighter. The rest of the work is up to the lawyer challenging the variety of tests the officer and the court. For example, your drunk driving attorney will attack the field sobriety tests officers will use and how unreliable they were when they tested you regarding the equipment, technique, and intention. They will also prove your case by using other laws to your favor like if you were required to use the intoximeter EC/IR 2 on private property, in which case you don’t have to comply.

The drunk driving lawyers in Fairfax, VA will do their best to fight to lessen your sentence because they are aware of how severe the punishment can be if found guilty.