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If you lose your license, you may lose your job! Worse yet… you may lose your freedom!

Boone Beale is not only one of the leaders in the area of traffic law in Virginia, but we also teach other lawyers how to practice in this area of the law on a regular basis.

As someone who is rated “AV” Preeminent by Martindale Hubbell, J. Burkhardt Beale is widely recognized as one of the leading authorities in the area of traffic offenses in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He frequently speaks on traffic law related topics at numerous conferences and often leads Continuing Legal Education seminars. Furthermore, J. Burkhardt Beale is the co-author of the following publications:

  • Defense of Serious Traffic Offenses in Virginia (2012)
  • Defending Criminal Cases in Virginia (2012)

The firm has appeared in more than one hundred counties and independent cities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, defending people charged with various traffic offenses, including speeding, reckless driving, revoked or suspended driver’s license, overweight citations, driving after declared to be a habitual offender, ignition interlock violations, and hit and run misdemeanor or felonies.

You may have been stopped because of an expired tag or inspection sticker, a burned out tail light, your head lights were not on, a radar or lidar violation, at a roadblock or traffic checking detail, tinted windows, weaving on the highway or crossing the line. It may or may not be a valid or legal stop, or a reason to detain you. We can help!

The Hidden Consequences of Traffic Convictions.

Violating the traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia can have potentially serious consequences and should never be taken lightly. Some people might be inclined to simply pay the fine associated with a moving traffic violation, irrespective of innocence or guilt, in order to avoid the hassle of going to court or hiring a lawyer to contest the charge. This approach is a mistake because it ignores the hidden, or collateral, consequences of conviction. Examples of such collateral consequences, which are not readily apparent, can include but are not limited to increased insurance premiums and suspension of driving privileges.

If you are concerned about paying increased insurance premiums, or maintaining your driver’s license, then Boone Beale is well-equipped to address your concerns. Our team of experienced attorneys has the knowledge and skill to help you successfully resolve your case.

Boone Beale Attorneys also has years of experience with Richmond and Woodbridge, Virginia DUI Defense cases. Please visit our DUI Defense page or contact us using the form below to learn more.