The Work of Criminal Defense in Leesburg, VA

If you are alleged to be involved in criminal activity you will need a strong criminal defense in Leesburg, VA to obtain the best possible legal outcome. From a possible preliminary hearing or grand jury to determine if there exists probable cause for the case to continue, through to parole parameters – your lawyer will deliver criminal defense in Leesburg, VA until your file is closed.

Initial work on any criminal case involves reviewing the charges and the known facts, plus a legal analysis for any constitutional violations. Your criminal defense in Leesburg, VA will be directly challenged by the prima facie burden of the prosecution, and your criminal defense lawyer in Leesburg, VA will be integrally involved in delivering effective strategic defenses and determining your potential sentence and all sentencing issues in the event of conviction.

Most of the time spent building your criminal defense in Leesburg, VA involves pre-trial preparation. Any proposed settlement agreement must be compared to the best judgment available in the outcome after a trial. A criminal defense lawyer will usually discuss potential plea agreements with the prosecuting attorney, as an alternative to exercising the defendant’s trial and other rights. Plea agreements can either be charge agreements (for less serious charges), sentencing agreements (involving a reduced sentence), or both. A majority of criminal cases are resolved using negotiated plea bargaining.

According to the vast majority of criminal cases are resolved well before trial – through guilty or no contest pleas, plea bargains, or dismissal of charges. In criminal cases, the prosecutor has to prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and an experienced criminal lawyer will present every possible criminal defense in Leesburg, VA to challenge that assertion to bring you positive results.