Attorney J. Burkhardt Beale received a glowing testimonial from a client as a result of his commitment to providing superior legal services in a multimillion-dollar, high profile money laundering and bribery case:

When asked what makes Boone Beale’s legal approach unique, the client responded that Mr. Beale is “the consummate professional” whose “unrelenting and tireless efforts to insure that I was always protected and that only my best interests were served. His genuine compassion and sincerity was immediately evident. His ability to quickly gather the facts and understand the situation was unbelievable.”

Furthermore, the client also indicated that one of the best attributes of the firm is that “Mr. Beale was always available to advise me of the best course of action. Even on vacation, Mr. Beale would make himself available if necessary. …he continuously demonstrated empathy and understanding to my legal concerns and issues. Every aspect of Mr. Beale’s office represents professionalism.”

The client added, “I can unequivocally state that Mr. Beale left no stone unturned. I am eternally indebted to the efforts of Mr. Beale and his office. My relationship with Mr. Beale may have started as attorney-client, but today I deem Mr. Beale as a member of my family. At every opportunity, Mr. Beale ensured that my interests were always protected. One lifetime is not enough to properly thank him.”

Finally, the client also stated that he would not hesitate to “refer Mr. Beale …to every individual that may need legal advice.”

Another positive Client Testimonial for Attorney J. Burkhardt Beale on a challenging assault and battery case:

“Mr. Beale’s approach to my case was somehow different…” “He was so calm. He was so peaceful about everything. What was very unique to me was the way he presented the case to the jury. He explained the story and then paused a minute to give them the time to think about that part and proceeded to explain the next situation. As a person sitting in that court room for the first time, [I could] understand clearly what was going on from the way Mr. Beale presented the case.”

“What I most like about Mr. Beale was his professionalism in the court room. I also liked the fact that he came to my home where the incident took place to get a better view. From the way he handled my case, I will refer Mr. Beale to family and friends. I will always use Boone Beale for legal advice in the future.”