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What is a DUI?

What is a DUI? Partying or going out at night to down some beer or wine during happy hour is a past time many people in America get to enjoy. The problem with drinking too many arises when you are too drunk but feel confident about your driving abilities. You promise your also-drunk friends that you can get home safely as you stumble to find your car keys. You try to keep your composure as you make your way home but in the middle of your ride back home, you see red and blue flashing in your rear-view mirror and know you are busted. What a classic scenario of DUI, or driving under the influence. Drunk driving is something the law doesn’t take lightly because more than 10,000 each year die from drunk-driving just in America alone. The laws are especially severe in Fairfax, VA where first-time offenses can result in a year of license suspension, a fine of $2500, and up to a year of jail time.

What is a DUI: Need Help Right Now?

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Some tell-tale signs that can lead to an officer stopping you for DUI are the following:

  1. Speeding
  2. Not properly staying in lane
  3. Swerving and uncontrolled driving
  4. Not obeying traffic signs and standard traffic etiquette
  5. Slow driving

When an officer is suspicious and stops you, he/she will administer tests to determine if you were driving under the influences with the following tests:

  1. The preliminary breath test also known as the breathalyzer test. The officer will use a PBT device to determine your blood alcohol content during the stop, and if it exceeds 0.8, then legal action will be taken.
  2. Field Sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests test the physical capabilities of the stopped person to see if they are impaired visually and physically by any narcotics or alcohol. Tests include reciting the alphabet without stuttering, standing on one leg for a period, walking in a straight line and then turning, and touching your nose.

DUI charges in America, especially Fairfax, VA, are not taken lightly as the first offense can have severe maximum punishments. To help fight your case, hire a drunk driving lawyer based in Fairfax, VA to lessen your sentence and remember, drink responsibly.