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DUI Lawyer in Prince William County VA

DUI Lawyer In Prince William County VA
DUI Lawyer In Prince William County Virginia

Most legal experts would agree anyone facing a possible DUI conviction needs a reputable, experienced DUI lawyer in Prince William County VA.

Almost half of those jailed following a drunk driving conviction, or serving a sentence for driving under the influence in Virginia, have previously been sentenced for a prior DUI conviction. In response, the Virginia legislature has passed a series of laws over the past two decades designed to increase the severity and impact of conviction penalties for those convicted of repeat DUI charges. The punishments can include:

  • Mandatory jail time – up to a 5 year prison sentence in a state penitentiary
  • Maximum fine up to $2,500.00
  • Virginia Code HB1559 states “Any person convicted of subsequent offense is guilty of a Class 6 felony,” which makes conviction of a repeat DUI offense in Virginia a federal crime.
  • Indefinite suspension of your driver’s license

The Commonwealth of Virginia will use every available resource to prove you are guilty of breaking DUI laws. That’s why your situation demands the services of a reputable, experienced DUI attorney in Prince William County Virginia. Can you afford, or will you be allowed, to represent yourself?

The Forensic Training Section of the Virginia Department of Forensic Science offers a nine-week Virginia Forensic Science Academy, a school that teaches crime scene technology. Successful course completion allows law enforcement and legal professionals to identify and insist on proper techniques for locating, recognizing, documenting and collecting physical evidence, along with physical evidence preservation. This allows the forensic experts to properly recognize the laboratory potential of physical evidence examination.

DUI Lawyer In Prince William County VA

A well-trained, highly-rated DUI lawyer in Prince William County, VA will have special training in forensic sciences, crime scene investigation, and tracking down and interviewing witnesses and notable experts if needed. With their legal knowledge of the changing DUI laws and penalties, this special training, and years of field and DUI litigation experience, only a highly-qualified DUI lawyer in Prince William County, VA has the tools, skills, and training to construct a thorough investigation of your DUI case. They have the ability to question, challenge and argue specific elements of the prosecution’s case against you, creating reasonable doubt along the way. And, they are thoroughly familiar with the process, procedures and people that make up the Prince William County criminal justice system.

With increased emphasis on DUI prevention and the ubiquitous warnings of the multijurisdictional Checkpoint Strikeforce, the Commonwealth of Virginia has incorporated a stepped-up DUI enforcement program along with a strong public relations effort to promote awareness and focus the fight against DUI. As reported by the Office of Virginia Governor Terence R. McAuliffe, the percentage of alcohol-related fatalities rose significantly, 34.1% in 2013 versus 29.5% in 2012, with 253 individuals killed in DUI traffic crashes in Virginia in 2013.

Through sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols state and local police efforts are increasingly visible and productive, with 27,333 drivers convicted of breaking DUI laws in Virginia in 2013 alone. If you are awaiting legal action relative to a recent DUI offense, contact a respected DUI lawyer in Prince William County VA now. Prince William County, VA, residents and those facing DUI charges in Prince William County can obtain honest, affordable legal services from the successful DUI lawyers at the Boone Beale law firm. For over thirty years our powerfully effective DUI lawyers in Prince William County, VA, have made significant, positive inroads in challenging DUI cases – mitigating penalties, reducing punishments, and minimizing collateral damage that follows in the wake of a DUI case. For a great DUI Lawyer in Prince William County VA, contact Boone Beale now.