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What a Great DUI Lawyer in Chesterfield County VA, Can Do for You

DUI Lawyer in Chesterfield County VA
DUI Lawyer in Chesterfield County Virginia

Were you recently involved in a Chesterfield County DUI stop? The first thing to do after your arrest is find a qualified DUI Lawyer in Chesterfield County VA. A savvy, experienced DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA, will quickly investigate and identify facts, issues and circumstances specific to your case to select the most effective DUI defenses.

A highly-astute, well-established DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County VA gives you the best opportunity at constructing and presenting a complex defense argument in your behalf. They can argue each element presented by the prosecution, refuting some and challenging others, until one or more of those well-crafted arguments presents a clear case for reasonable doubt.

Consider the landmark Supreme Court case Mapp v. Ohio, that establishes the “Exclusionary Rule.” It plainly states “all evidence obtained by searches and seizures in violation of the Constitution is, by [the Fourth Amendment], inadmissible in a state court.” If an officer of the law stops, detains or arrests a person on suspicion of driving under the influence in Virginia without sufficient probable cause, then all evidence collected subsequent to that arrest – observations or videotapes of appearance or behavior, field sobriety test results, and breath test results, would be suppressed. With a bulk of the case evidence now inadmissible, a good DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA can use pretrial hearings and motions to move for a reduction in charges and penalties, or a dismissal of your DUI case.

Intoxilyzer, or breathalyzer machines are known to operate within a range of measurement, which can lead to misreadings and inaccurate measurements. Other variables, such as body temperature, other medications in the body, extreme outdoor weather, and human error can result in false test readings. Plus, the breath instrument is known to carry an inherent 10% margin of error that can give erroneous high readings. There are many ways a successful DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County VA can argue in your defense.

DUI Lawyer in Chesterfield County VA

As members of the Virginia and National Trial Lawyers Association, and the National College for DUI Defense, the highly-rated Boone Beale DUI lawyers in Chesterfield County VA have over thirty years experience presenting successful DUI defense arguments for thousands of clients across the Commonwealth, learning and practicing the best in DUI law along the way. When you need a DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County VA, contact the well-respected DUI lawyers at the Boone Beale law firm.

DUI Lawyer In Chesterfield County VA

A simple DUI can wreak havoc in your life for years – but it doesn’t have to. Any determined DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County VA, will do everything they can to help you minimize the consequences of a DUI conviction, with the objective of having your charges dismissed if at all possible.

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A DUI charge can result from having too much to drink at a friend’s party and not knowing your turn light isn’t working. Just like that, probable cause can begin with a minor safety infraction. Though some DUI cases become more layered depending on the circumstances. When you are facing repeat DUI charges or a DUI involving an accident, your legal situation can escalate rapidly – property damage, insurance companies, injury victims – in an instant you need a DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County VA.

DUI Lawyer In Chesterfield County VA

The more layered your case, the more important it is to select an established DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA, who is considered a top attorney in their field. Ask questions to establish and substantiate professional credentials, including:

  • How many years of DUI law practice? Where?
  • How many cases have been taken and how many were won
  • What is your Martindale-Hubbell score?
  • What is your rating from Avvo?
  • What legal organizations do you belong to?
  • Are you a member of the National College for DUI Defense?
  • What special areas of training do you have that will get me better results in court?

Constructing a thorough DUI defense takes excellent communication skills, investigative doggedness, methodical questioning, and a logical approach. Have a well-respected DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA, demonstrate their qualifications in cutting-edge capabilities in forensic science, digital devices and internet technology, interviewing techniques and an exhaustive understanding of Virginia DUI and constitutional law.

Finally, ask yourself if you can afford to suffer the maximum punishment and penalties imposed if you are found guilty. The risks are high and the price crushing. A conviction will remain on your permanent criminal record, where repercussions from your DUI will ripple through your career, preventing advancement opportunities, narrowing your financial options, and costing you money all the way.

Do I really need a DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA?

People often ask “Do I really need a DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA?” With DUI fines and penalties ranging in the $8,000 – $10,000 range along with the prospect of serious jail time, who wouldn’t need a DUI lawyer Chesterfield County, VA?

In the Commonwealth of Virginia DUI is a class 1 misdemeanor formally filed as 2 separate violations – driving while under the influence of alcohol (or drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs), or by violating the Virginia “per se” laws where no further evidence of intoxication or impairment needs to be demonstrated once a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08 is established.

Even in these supposed “open and shut” per se cases, a good DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA can challenge the validity of field test results, the procedural process, or any of a number of Constitutionally-based civil rights arguments. Be sure to speak with DUI lawyers familiar with laws in the jurisdiction where the incident took place, and ask specific questions about their credentials, experience, and areas of speciality that may apply to your individual DUI case.

Most skilled DUI lawyers in Chesterfield County, VA have the credentials, experience and qualifications to take any case to trial, but you need an attorney who specializes in defending people accused of DUI. They will have advanced education from organizations such as the National College of DUI Defense and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and cutting-edge skills for in-depth forensic investigation and crash-scene reconstruction.

With years of back room negotiations and plea deals, your qualified DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA is an exceptional communicator with polished presentation and debate skills. They know a majority of DUI cases are resolved between prosecutors and defense attorneys long before a jury is ever seated. From refuting probable cause to challenging law enforcement protocol or equipment, there are many ways a good DUI lawyer in Chesterfield, VA can get your charges reduced or completely dismissed.

So when you ask yourself “Do I really need a DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA?” think about what could happen if you went into court without a DUI lawyer, then call the expert DUI lawyers at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law. We provide the DUI defense you need to obtain your most favorable outcome.