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DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA: Potential Challenges to DUI Charge

You’ve been pulled over in Woodbridge VA by the police, given a breath test and arrested for driving under the influence. Now what? You will need a DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge VA. The police will keep you in custody at the police station until someone is able to post bail for you or until you are released at the arraignment hearing. With all of this going on, it’s important to know that you have not been found guilty yet. This will be determined at trial should your DUI defense lawyer and you determine that’s the best course of action.

So what are some things a DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge VA will consider before suggesting an approach to your case?

The breath test and blood alcohol tests are not infallible. Police officers can make mistakes. Procedures and results may be challenged. Some things that can impact the outcomes of the tests and thus the outcome of your trial include:

  • Timing of the test
  • Your health situation at the time of the test
  • Compliance with technical rules
  • The machine’s certifications and calibrations
  • Calibration temperatures and quality of the calibration fluid
  • How test run results were logged (if they were logged)
  • Arrest location and conditions of the road

It’s important to know the penalties that can result from a conviction before going to trial: license suspension, prison time, significant fines, and hiked insurance rates. You could be barred from renting a car, and if your job involves driving, you could even lose your job.

The most important thing you can do after an arrest is to immediately contact a DUI defense lawyer. Woodbridge VA police must allow you a call and the sooner you engage a specialist in these matters the better. Boone Beale is an expert in defending clients against DUI charges. The sooner we can talk to the arresting offices and start gathering information about the arrest, the sooner we can help determine an approach to your case.

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA
DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

Free Consultation With DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

The primary goal of every Boone Beale DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge VA, is to present the evidence in a DUI case that makes the judge and jury believe that anything is possible, especially reasonable doubt. Practicing law, it turns out, is part science and part art. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

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Using a variety of well-established resources and high-tech tools in combination with years of continuing education and courtroom litigation, the Boone Beale DUI defense lawyers in Woodbridge VA, leave no stone unturned in investigating the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest. Bringing decades of DUI practice to your individual case allows us to rapidly and effectively collect information and evidence to construct a thoughtful, penetrating, and comprehensive DUI defense on your behalf. And while you may be concerned about legal expenses, think about them relative to the costs of a DUI conviction on your permanent criminal record.

Since 2005 DUI fatalities in Virginia declined 21 percent according to Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles statistics. Crashes related to intoxicated driving fell 30 percent during that time, while DUI convictions remained unchanged. However, penalties for a Virginia DUI intensified significantly in severity over the past two decades. This is a major reason you need a highly-qualified DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge VA.

Some DUI offenses now include the possibility of mandatory jail time, even if you have no prior criminal history. Other penalties can include:

license suspension, fines, administrative fees, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device and required completion of the VASAP program at your own expense, and a DUI conviction to explain for life.

These don’t include the many hidden consequences of a DUI conviction, such as increased insurance rates, loss of employment and adverse effects on government security clearances, inability to qualify for loans or sign an apartment lease, and the likely devastation to many of your relationships.

With so much at stake, can you afford to go it alone? Call the expert Boone Beale DUI defense lawyers in Woodbridge, VA today for your DUI defense.

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA
DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

There are four components critical to any successful DUI defense that a Boone Beale DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge VA will focus on:

1. Full knowledge and application of all relevant laws.

2. An exhaustive investigation of the facts and evidence.

3. Robust cross-examination of the case presented by the prosecution.

4. An understanding of the penalties and consequences and how they may apply to you.

A DUI arrest in today’s world is a frustrating and frightening experience that should never be taken lightly or alone. Can you afford to take your case to a lawyer without the needed training and experience? The ramifications can endure for decades, especially if your DUI charge is classified as a felony.

Did you know that most DUI cases are settled before they reach a jury? While DUI laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia are some of the most ominous in the country, a competent DUI defense lawyer can file preliminary pretrial motions to suppress or disclose evidence that can alter the outcome of your case. Without them, you risk having evidence introduced or excluded that may help prove your innocence.

Since 1980 the DUI lawyers at Boone Beale have successfully represented thousands of clients arrested for DUI. We value education and make every effort to stay ahead of dynamic changes in the science, technology and law that intersect in each DUI case. We also believe that as members of the National College for DUI Defense, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, that we have the training and resources to help you fight your DUI charge.

The veteran Boone Beale DUI defense lawyers in Woodbridge VA have the qualifications, experience and training to deliver your best DUI defense. Contact us today for your free case evaluation.

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

The first thing to do following your DUI arrest is contact a qualified DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge, VA at the Boone Beale law firm. With over 100 years of combined DUI case experience, we have the necessary experience, resources and talent to effectively fight your case.

From implied consent, probable cause, and refusal to take a breathalyzer, to challenging test protocols and scientific results while questioning the very tenets of the Commonwealth’s prosecution, your Boone Beale DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge, VA will address each individual piece of evidence to uncover the truth in your case. With painstaking preparation, thorough investigation and diligent application of Constitutional and applicable state laws, your DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge, VA will systematically develop arguments that disprove the case against you. In the process they will protect your rights, ensure you receive fair and just due process under the law, and possibly have your case dismissed.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia a DUI conviction extracts a heavy price and remains on your criminal record for the rest of your life. Along with an immediate driver’s license suspension and exorbitant car insurance rates, the consequences of a DUI conviction can also include exclusion from job opportunities, inability to qualify to borrow money, enter the military, enter college, or travel internationally.

When the stakes are high and life as you know it is forever different, why take a risk on an inexperienced or incapable DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge, VA? The Boone Beale law firm is well-qualified to adroitly argue your case and deliver your winning DUI defense. Our credentials include:

  • An “AV (Preeminent)” rating from Martindale-Hubbell – the highest score for professional ability and ethical standards based on evaluations from peers
  • Members of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Awarded a superb rating of “10” from Avvo as a Top Attorney in Criminal Defense
  • Founding member of the National College for DUI Defense
  • 35 years of successful DUI defense

The Boone Beale DUI defense lawyers in Woodbridge, VA are dedicated to providing the highest level of honest, competent and affordable legal services to anyone charged with DUI in Woodbridge.

Contact our Virginia DUI experts at Boone Beale now to hire an exceptionally well-qualified DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge, VA who will do everything they can to win your DUI case.