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Fight Your Case With Forensics and A Well-Trained DUI Defense Lawyer in Richmond VA

How important is your DUI defense lawyer in Richmond VA? Your DUI defense lawyer is the sole person standing between you and a jail cell. They alone have the ability, experience, and knowledge to protect your constitutional rights, assure you receive a fair trial, and to secure the most favorable outcome in your DUI case.

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Many Virginia drivers are charged in DUI arrests involving intoxication from alcohol. New research released last week by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows DUI defense lawyers in Richmond, VA, are dealing with more DUI cases involving drugs such as marijuana, opioid painkillers like OxyContin (oxycodone) and cocaine. The NHTSA Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use by Drivers includes BAC blood tests and forensic analysis showing the number of impaired drivers in Virginia with marijuana detected in their bloodstream is up 50% over the past seven years.

The State Crime Lab, also known as the Virginia Department of Forensic Science, processed evidence in 60,000 criminal cases in 2013. In an age with so many questions and so much complexity, many DUI cases can turn on the powerful truth of trace evidence. This is just one example of how important your DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA can be – their forensic training can be the difference in your guilt or innocence.

Call the reputable Boone Beale DUI lawyers in Richmond VA, now, to access over 100 years of combined DUI litigation experience both inside and outside of the courtroom. Along with an amazing amount of education and continuing practical training, our DUI lawyers in Richmond, VA, perform DUI and criminal law services on the cutting-edge of technology, medical science and legal precedent. Prominent members of highly-regarded legal organizations and the local legal community, the Boone Beale DUI lawyers in Richmond bring fresh, innovative ideas and defenses to your DUI case. Call us now and learn how we can work together to fight your DUI.

What Can a Leading DUI Defense Lawyer in Richmond VA, Do for You?

DUI Defense Lawyer In Richmond VA
DUI Defense Lawyer In Richmond VA
Think about what your life will be like if you are convicted of a DUI, and then contact an experienced Boone Beale DUI defense lawyer in Richmond Virginia right away.

Carpooling for the kids, going to church, getting to work, minimizing costly fines, keeping a government security clearance, staying out of jail – there are a million reasons why, in today’s busy world, your license is your lifeline. If you are suspected of operating a motorized vehicle on the public roadways of the Commonwealth of Virginia while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you can be arrested for DUI, or driving under the influence. In one instant your life, as you know it, could be changed forever.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Richmond VA

A highly-rated, experienced DUI defense lawyer in Richmond, VA, can protect your constitutional rights, prevent severe consequences if you are found guilty, and promote every viable argument to demand justice be served. Your Boone Beale DUI defense lawyer in Richmond VA, is well-respected, having superior litigation skills and a deep knowledge of the ever-changing body of DUI law as it applies to your specific circumstances.

As a premier regional law firm, Boone Beale holds an “AV (Preeminent)” rating from Martindale-Hubbell – the highest score for professional ability and ethical standards based on evaluations from peers.You will benefit immensely from our over thirty years of DUI litigation experience, our membership in the National College for DUI Defense, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. As highly-esteemed industry leaders, a Boone Beale DUI defense lawyer in Richmond VA is also a preeminent DUI educator, remaining on the cutting edge of legal, technological, and societal developments that can all impact the positive outcome of your DUI case.

When your life is upended by a DUI arrest you have to remember one thing – call a successful DUI Defense lawyer in Richmond VA, at the Boone Beale law firm, and trust your future is in excellent hands.