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Your DUI Attorney in Vienna VA, Can Help You From Being Another Statistic

As soon after your DUI arrest as possible hire a highly-rated DUI attorney in Vienna VA to manage your DUI defense. Why? Simple, a DUI conviction can stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life, with far-ranging penalties and consequences.

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Studies from the NHTSA show the clear truth. 68.3 percent of the 35,414 drivers arrested for DUI in Virginia were convicted of breaking DUI law and committing a crime. If you were one of those drivers, you have a nearly 1 in 4 chance of becoming a repeat DUI offender. In the five years of data analyzed between 2007 and 2011, 16 percent of the almost 24,200 drivers with a prior arrest were likely to be arrested for a subsequent DUI.

Why run the risk of such terrible odds? Why accept an unchallenged fate that could rob you of your life and livelihood? On January 24, 2015 the PBS Newshour reported job “applicants with criminal backgrounds, including those with nonviolent criminal convictions or even arrests, are increasingly being driven into poverty. Even if it has been years since they’ve served time for past criminal infractions, those applying for jobs are often unable to find work — especially in a climate of extreme job competition.”

With so much to lose, why not pick up your phone and call the law firm of Boone Beale right now? As of July, 2013, all DUI convictions remain on your criminal record for life. That’s right – legislation passed over the past 20 years in the Commonwealth of Virginia have created a distinct economic separation between those who have a DUI conviction on their criminal record and those who do not.

The facts don’t lie – Virginia DUI laws are severe. The minute you can, contact a highly-experienced, top-rated Boone Beale DUI attorney in Vienna Virginia to defend you against DUI charges. Your life as you know it could depend on it.

DUI Attorney in Vienna VA

DUI Attorney in Vienna VA
DUI Attorney in Vienna VA