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Emerging Technology Law and Your Criminal Lawyer in Richmond, VA

Gone are the days when your criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA hit the pavement to track down critical evidence. Although that is still a large phase of the investigative process, criminal cases today involve a virtual universe of scientific, microscopic, digital and new media data that present new angles in many criminal cases.

Quite often what appears on the surface to be a routine criminal investigation ends up quickly turning into an argument over Constitutional rights and protections. That’s why your situation demands the legal skills of a talented litigator with expertise in Constitutional law and the unfolding legal implications of emerging technology on our society. Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law, is a highly respected Virginia law firm with criminal lawyers in Richmond, VA trying precedent-setting cases in this dynamic area of the law. Highly-rated and well-respected, the Boone Beale criminal lawyers are well-known in the legal community as effective and well-informed legal educators on the leading edge of legal evolution.

Why is this critical to the defense strategy presented by your criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA? Only those criminal lawyers in Richmond, VA on the cutting-edge of legal casework involving emerging technology issues are considered informed enough to bring these issues before the Commonwealth of Virginia courts.

For example, the Virginia Department of Forensic Science in Richmond, VA processed 60,000 pieces of evidence for criminal cases in 2013. Manually double-checked, the results can often elevate the significance of trace evidence – causing a case to completely change direction.

Forensic investigation now encompasses scientifically proven facts on a molecular level, as well as all means of electronic and digital communication, surveillance and storage devices. At Boone Beale, our eminently qualified criminal lawyers in Richmond, VA have the expertise in Virginia and Constitutional law, especially Fourth Amendment protections as they apply to the treatment of mobile and digital devices. Waste no time – call Boone Beale today.