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The Value of a Strong Criminal Defense Lawyer in Alexandria, VA

The first thing to do when you find yourself facing serious criminal charges is find a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Alexandria, VA.

According to their website, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office prosecutes all cases in the City of Alexandria Courts. An experienced criminal defense lawyer in Alexandria, VA has established relationships with those prosecutors and other professionals working in and alongside the criminal justice system. Combined with many years of legal education and litigation experience, these relationships can be pivotal to the successful outcome of your criminal case.

Since most criminal cases in the U.S. are determined through plea negotiations prior to reaching the courtroom, involving your criminal defense lawyer in Alexandria, VA as early on in the process as possible is wise. Sharing and gathering evidence and information to piece together a solid defense is the first and most important step in your case, although an expert criminal defense attorney in Alexandria, VA remains your agent and zealous advocate before, during and after your case is decided.

In Alexandria, criminal misdemeanors are tried in General District Court while Circuit Court has jurisdiction over felony offenses and cases on appeal from General District Court. Roughly 1,300 felony cases and 700 misdemeanor offenses are prosecuted in Circuit Court annually, while General District Court tries, on average, 6,000 cases a year. With this volume of legal activity it could be a grave mistake to hire an attorney who is inexperienced or unqualified, as criminal law is complex and one simple oversight could lead to a most unfavorable result.

With over 100 years of combined experience in criminal law in both state and federal courts throughout Virginia and the United States, the Boone Beale law firm is dedicated to providing the highest level of honest, competent and affordable legal services for all of our clients. When your situation demands legal expertise, call Boone Beale for an expert criminal defense lawyer in Alexandria, VA.