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You Need An Experienced Criminal Defense in Fairfax VA

The experienced criminal lawyers at the Boone Beale law firm have a reputation for providing clients with attentive representation, honest communication, and a passionate commitment to constructing your most effective, most powerful criminal defense in Fairfax VA.

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If you have been arrested, are being investigated, or otherwise may be a suspect in a crime, you need the expert assistance only an accomplished Fairfax VA criminal lawyer can provide. The federal criminal laws of the United States carry severe penalties, including the potential of a lifetime in prison, for those who are convicted of serious criminal acts. This is no time to settle for a less qualified lawyer, or one who is merely unproven, just because they may offer lower fees. Your future is worth your investment in a proven defense lawyer who knows how to present a successful criminal defense in Fairfax VA.

With over 100 combined years of successful criminal defense the highly-reputable Boone Beale attorneys have the resources, knowledge, and proven litigation experience you need to establish a winning criminal defense. Our clients can enter the criminal justice system with confidence knowing a capable, effective Boone Beale criminal defense lawyer is by their side.

Two important things to remember. First, in our criminal justice system you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Second, in any case the prosecutor bears the burden to prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Over 30 Years of Experience: Criminal Defense In Fairfax VA

Since 1980, the Boone Beale law firm has been at the leading edge of criminal law – representing individuals accused of crimes ranging from simple assault and cyber crimes to white collar crimes and capital murders. We have the necessary experience, resources and talent to customize your criminal defense in Fairfax VA, and effectively fight your case in court.

Contact a highly-qualified Fairfax VA attorney at Boone Beale right now for a free case evaluation with one of our exacting criminal lawyers in Fairfax regarding your case.

Together, we can analyze the circumstances surrounding your criminal charges and develop a framework for an effective criminal defense in Fairfax VA.

Criminal Defense In Fairfax VA
Criminal Defense In Fairfax Virginia

Your Criminal Defense in Fairfax VA – Time is Crucial

Have you been arrested and charged with committing a crime? Contact the highly-rated Boone Beale law firm for a free case evaluation and see what a qualified Boone Beale attorney can do to expertly construct your criminal defense in Fairfax VA.

Any law enforcement officer, whether employed by the police or an agent of one of the various federal departments, can arrest you if they have probable cause to believe that you committed a felony, if they observe you committing a misdemeanor, or if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. When you are arrested you will be taken into police custody and a formal criminal complaint will be filed.

That starts the clock on the amount of time you have to gather evidence, investigate and establish the facts, and interview witnesses to pull together a cohesive, effective criminal defense. Fairfax, VA residents have a bounty of criminal lawyers to choose from, but only need to hire the one who best meets their criteria.

Criminal Defense in Fairfax VA

The success of your criminal defense in Fairfax VA revolves around your lawyer’s ability to quickly and thoroughly investigate, research, organize and analyze volumes of information to develop an effective strategy for your criminal defense in Fairfax, VA. With years of education and practice, and continued training on the ever-changing nature of law, science and technology that permeates criminal cases today, the Boone Beale law firm has remained at the vanguard of criminal defense in Virginia for over 35 years.

Put our years of experience to work and we will do our best each day to represent you. There are many ways we can reduce the impact of a criminal trial, mitigate damages in the event you are convicted, or persistently chip away at the facts to reveal the truth and possibly have your case dropped or dismissed.

Find out how Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law, can help you pursue your most effective Criminal Defense in Fairfax, VA by contacting us today.

Criminal Defense in Fairfax VA
Criminal Defense in Fairfax VA