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Mounting an Effective Criminal Defense in Chesterfield County, VA

It can happen to anyone, at any time. You never know if you will become ensnared in a complicated web of criminal activity. When you are charged with committing a serious crime, you need a powerful criminal defense in Chesterfield County, VA.

Only a highly-qualified, experienced criminal defense lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA can blend legal knowledge with today’s high-tech forensic sciences and the constant current of change in the laws to offer you a complex, highly-effective criminal defense strategy. From Constitutional protections to challenging each step in the Commonwealth’s prosecutor’s case against you, your criminal lawyer will carefully construct a strong criminal defense for Chesterfield County, VA residents facing criminal charges.

The most recent high profile criminal case in Virginia involved the historic criminal prosecution and conviction of former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. They were found guilty of 11 counts of public corruption for illegally accepting gifts, vacations and loans from wealthy Richmond businessman Jonnie R. Williams Sr., who sought preferential treatment for his company, Star Scientific, from the state government.

In this case, the criminal defense involved legal representation for the corporation and the individuals in a complex criminal and civil litigation. Only the proven skills of a highly-experienced trial attorney can deliver a successful criminal defense. Chesterfield County, VA residents who may be, or are involved, in a budding criminal case need to contact the best attorney they can afford when the stakes are this high.

If I had to venture a guess, I’d say the former governor did not plan on needing a top-notch criminal defense. So, what’s the take-away? When you are under suspicion or involved in interviewing and questioning in a criminal case, call the legal experts at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law.

As a premier regional law firm, Boone Beale holds an “AV (Preeminent)” rating from Martindale-Hubbell – the highest score for professional ability and ethical standards based on evaluations from peers. We also maintain superlative Avvo ratings. Our attorneys are frequently featured in Super Lawyers magazine, and founder David E. Boone has been recognized for seven consecutive years as one of the best lawyers practicing criminal defense in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

When you need a winning criminal defense in Chesterfield County, VA, take no chances. Hire a criminal defense attorney to advocate for your rights, ensure a fair trial, and secure the most favorable outcome in your criminal case. Call the criminal defense experts at Boone Beale today.