Sex offender's registration is required after being convicted of certain sex offenses

Hidden Cost of Conviction in Virginia: Sex Offender Registration

An area which causes many problems is the sex offender's registration required after being convicted of certain sex offenses.

These requirements have been expanded over the past several years and are even being applied retroactively in some cases. Although if convicted of these offenses there is little you can do to avoid registering, your criminal defense lawyer may be able to reduce or amend a charge so that it does not fall under the specified list of offenses requiring registration.

Not every sex related charge requires registration.

You need to contact a criminal defense attorney who understands the specific requirements and consequences of the charge you are facing and the possible defenses to it. The stigma of having to register and having your name and picture published can cause any number of problems, and if possible it is something that your criminal defense lawyer will try to assist you in avoiding.