Security clearances may be impacted by a conviction

Hidden Cost of Conviction in Virginia: Security Clearance

Security clearances are also something that must be considered with convictions. The criminal defense, DUI defense, and traffic defense attorneys at Boone Beale have successfully handled hundreds of criminal, DUI, and traffic cases involving a security clearance. In some cases even a conviction of some traffic offenses can result in the loss of a security clearance and possibly your job. The degree to which your job may be affected by loss of a security clearance varies, but loss of a security clearance can result in job demotions or even dismissal. In cases of conviction of serious offenses such as felonies often little may be done to avoid this outcome, but in misdemeanor cases your criminal defense or DUI defense lawyer can often amend a charge that will change the conviction to some lesser offense that will not affect your clearance. It is imperative that you contact a skilled DUI defense attorney, criminal defense attorney, or traffic defense attorney immediately to assess the threat to your career in addition to any other potential consequences.