Your Criminal Lawyer in Richmond, VA – An Important Lifeline

If you have been accused of a crime you have to stand up for your legal rights. When the future is unpredictable, and you face serious consequences if convicted, hire a smart criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA to let the prosecution know you intend to fight for the best possible results.

An experienced criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA will know the law, have a comfortable working knowledge of local courts, and be familiar with the people involved in the Richmond judicial system. They will have experience handling cases similar to yours and will use that experience to help you successfully navigate the complex bureaucratic maze of the legal system.

Witnesses may lie, crime scenes can be altered, and people make mistakes. A veteran criminal attorney in Richmond, VA will interview witnesses, hire experts, and perform a meticulous examination of the crime scene, gathering every last piece of evidence to prove your innocence. They will also consult with peers and relevant authorities, analyze police records, and develop every single lead to challenge the theories presented by the state’s prosecution.

Misdemeanor and felony offenses can be brought for indictment in either state or federal court. A criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA defending against federal charges has a much more challenging task than one providing client representation in Virginia circuit or general district courts. In the event that you are under federal investigation, or facing indictment in federal court, it is critical that the criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA you select have experience and success at the federal court level.

A criminal record is a barrier that can prevent you from future opportunities such as getting a college degree, traveling overseas, getting certain jobs or career advancement, entering the military, gaining U.S. citizenship, leasing an apartment, or qualifying for a loan. The right criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA, can be a valuable advocate to help mitigate these and other costly limitations.

When your life and livelihood are at stake your criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA is an important lifeline, both in and out of the courtroom. Call the well-respected, highly-rated Boone Beale law firm today for an exceptional criminal defense and legal services delivered with precision and care.