Restitution costs may affect you if you are convicted

Hidden Cost of Conviction in Virginia: Restitution

Restitution is another area that may affect you if convicted. In certain types of cases there may be stolen or damaged property, and in cases where there are injuries there may be medical bills. Victims in these cases will often try to inflate what is owed or will try to hold you accountable for damage you did not cause, property you did not take, or injuries you did not inflict. Your criminal defense lawyer will closely examine each item claimed and try to ensure that you are not held responsible for inflated costs. If the full amount of the damages cannot be paid immediately, there will have to be a restitution plan submitted to the court outlining a payment plan. Your criminal defense lawyer can assist you in establishing a plan that will allow you the time you need to pay. You should be aware that courts are very willing to hold you in contempt if you do not make required payments and will not hesitate to impose further penalties for non-compliance.