How to Work With Your DUI Lawyer in Richmond, VA

The first thing you need to do after your DUI arrest is hire a qualified DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA. Working together you will review the specifics of your case, explore defense strategies, and develop a working plan to assemble the information, documentation and evidence to successfully present your most effective DUI defense.

As you prepare your defense, reference the following guidelines to better facilitate a successful working relationship with your DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA:


  • Send or fax information or documents your DUI lawyer requests immediately.
  • Return texts or phone calls promptly, and make sure your phone stays charged.
  • Keep track of the lawyer’s fees, anticipated case expenses, and maintain a payment schedule.
  • When you have doubts about what comes next refer back to the details included in the contract between you and your DUI attorney.


  • Follow a working timeline with deadlines and milestones to stay ahead of the next steps in your DUI case.
  • Agree on a written set of objectives based on your personal priorities.
  • Clarify how essential information will be communicated.
  • Keep a dedicated file so you have critical documents, contact information, and everything you need to discuss with your DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA.
  • Learn about your legal rights and the legal process as it applies to your case.

The success of your DUI case will hinge on your ability to work closely with your DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA. Setting expectations and establishing the framework for your legal partnership will afford you the best opportunity to win your DUI case.