How to Find a Successful DUI Attorney in Herndon, VA

Sometimes in life, you want the best. When you need an experienced DUI attorney for powerful professional representation in a Herndon, VA DUI charge, do your homework. Find a successful DUI attorney to construct the strong DUI defense you need and deserve.

First, develop a list of DUI attorney candidates you will consider to represent your case. Check with the Virginia Bar Association for a list of member attorneys who specialize in DUI law. Other sources: newspapers, websites, and the telephone book all list DUI attorneys in Herndon, Virginia. Ideally you can get references from people you know. While you may be embarrassed about your situation, there’s no better way to get a good referral for a DUI attorney than from someone who had a positive experience with them.

Before you hire a DUI attorney meet with a few different DUI lawyers to discuss the specifics of your case. It’s important to have a good relationship with the DUI attorney you choose, because you’ll be working closely together to establish the facts of your DUI case. Ask questions. Take notes. Verify licenses, insurance, and membership to standard legal associations.

Consider what you expect from a legal professional. Make a checklist of what is most important.

• professional DUI experience
• reputation among colleagues
• industry ratings
• teaching experience or publications
• familiarity with the Herndon legal system
• pricing and rate structure
• referrals from past clients
• DUI legal specialty

Finally, review the specific facts of your DUI case. Does your case require someone with special knowledge of a certain area of criminal law? Are there procedural or technical inconsistencies in your case? What could a solid defense strategy do in terms of outcome?

Compare the various criteria between your top candidates, narrowing your list to your top three contenders. In the end your personal imprint will show through, and you will choose the DUI attorney in Herndon, VA who will best represent you and present your strongest defense.