The Ignition Interlock Device and DUI in Richmond, VA

If you haven’t before, you may want to think twice before you slide behind the wheel of your vehicle after drinking or using drugs. As of July 1, 2012, DUI in Richmond, VA is subject to a new Virginia law requiring the courts to mandate installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) before you receive a restricted license or have your driving privilege reinstated.

According to LifeSaver, an IID service provider, the device is directly connected to the vehicle’s ignition system. It measures the offender’s breath alcohol content and an electronic log records the results. If the measurement exceeds a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .02 or more, the engine will not start. The IID restriction is a minimum of six months and cannot exceed the original period of driving privilege suspension.

Offenders must obtain IIDs and electronic logs from one of four companies approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia to offer Ignition Interlock Device services. An IID device can be bought or leased. Either way, a Richmond, VA DUI offender is responsible for 100% of the costs, including monitoring, calibration, service, and maintenance, with proof of the required service submitted to the court and the ASAP supervisor. According to the Washington Post, a six-month installation costs roughly $480.

The critical shift in the law requires drivers convicted of DUI in Richmond, VA for the first time to install an IID for six months. It serves as a constant negative reminder of the consequences of misusing alcohol or drugs and driving in Virginia.

Since the law was enacted we’ve seen a 75 percent spike in IID installation, with further growth anticipated as more DUI cases travel through the Virginia courts.

WRIC reported a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis of 13 separate studies showed ignition interlock devices reduce recidivism for DUI in Richmond, VA by a median of 67 percent. Some of those studies highlight large declines for first-time offenders in particular.

The Virginia law is a model for the nation. It requires everyone who’s been convicted of DUI in Richmond, VA and throughout the Commonwealth — even first time offenders — to use an ignition interlock device. The crackdown on DUI in Richmond, VA is serious, and the penalties higher than ever. If you or someone you know needs a lawyer for DUI in Richmond, VA, call the experienced DUI professionals at Boone Beale. Our lawyers have intensive training and experience, and all the resources they need to give you superior representation in the courtroom.