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Many individuals may not take DUI charges seriously. This, however, can be to their detriment. Being convicted can result in a suspended or revoked license, restricted driving privileges, fines, community service, and even jail time. These penalties will increase with further convictions, and as such it’s important to find a qualified DUI defense lawyer in order to defend your rights. Boone Beale is a law firm based in Woodbridge, VA with over 40 years of experience. When you work with a DUI attorney from our team, you will receive knowledgeable advice, aggressive representation, and reliable support. Consider calling today in order to speak to a DWI lawyer and learn more.

Your Reliable DUI Defense Lawyer

Your DWI attorney will examine the facts of your case in order to craft a solid defense for your situation. By examining the circumstances of your case—for example, whether or not the police officer followed proper procedures when pulling you over—they can determine whether you should attempt to get charges dropped, or if you should pursue a different outcome. From there, they will provide you with the guidance necessary to pursue a positive end result for your case.


At Boone Beale, we are passionate about helping others, and aim to assist our clients with a range of case types. When you are accused of a DUI, a lawyer from our team will provide you with the representation you need to feel confident with your case.

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In order to successfully defend yourself, you need to hire a DWI lawyer near you. At Boone Beale, we are highly experienced in DUI cases and can provide you with the representation you need.

As your criminal defense attorney in Woodbridge, VA, we serve clients across the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

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