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A DUI charge should always be taken seriously. Virginia has strict laws for drinking and driving, with convictions resulting in heavy fines, revoked licenses or jail time. If you lose your license you might lose your job. Worse yet, you might lose your freedom. Need to get out of a DUI? Contact a skilled attorney at Boone Beale for representation in the Woodbridge or Richmond, VA area.

Your DUI attorney will work hard to drastically reduce your chances of a conviction. We'll pick apart the prosecution's evidence to protect your rights in court. Burk Beale is a certified breath test operator of both the EC/IR II and Intoxilyzer 5000 breath test machine which is Virginia's former device. He is also been certified to conduct Field Sobriety Tests as well as to Instruct Police Officers being trained to conduct Field Sobriety tests.

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Build a solid defense

Our lead attorney at Boone Beale has spent the better part of 40 years researching police tactics to better understand the best ways to get out of a DUI. In order to drop charges or reduce your sentence, your DUI attorney will need to challenge the procedures followed by the arresting officer. The office must:

  • Begin videotaping as soon as the lights go on in the squad car
  • Read you your Miranda rights at the scene of the incident
  • Explain the consequences of refusing a Breathalyzer, urine test or blood test
  • Follow proper procedures while administering the Breathalyzer test
You must also be allowed an additional blood test at a facility of your choosing, if you request it. If there is any doubt in the legitimacy of your arrest, you may be able to walk out of court without any charges.