When it comes to minor offenses such as traffic infractions -- speeding, improper driving, running a red light, and others -- most people don't consider the other issues associated with a conviction. A traffic ticket lawyer can help you satisfactorily resolve the traffic ticket. In every moving violation charge for which you are convicted there will be points assigned against your license. Most traffic offenses require that you receive 3, 4, or 6 demerit points against your license. You should know that the judge does not have discretion in suspending the imposition of these points. Negative points on your license can have two major effects on you.

First, depending on your driving record additional points can cause your license to be suspended. Normally if you accumulate more than 12 points in any 12 month period or more than 18 points in any 24 month period DMV will place you on driving probation for a period of six months. Please read our page on Driver’s Probation to learn more about this. There are ways to prevent having points assessed against your license, and your traffic defense attorney can assist in trying to prevent them from being assessed.

Many times your traffic ticket attorney can persuade the Commonwealth’s Attorney or the judge to amend the charge against you to something other than a moving violation so that you do not have points assigned. Other times even if the charge cannot be amended to a non-moving violation it can be reduced to a charge that carries fewer points. This may be crucial in cases where you are currently at a high point level and a higher number of points might put you over the limit and subject you to a suspension where a lesser amount would not. For example, reducing reckless driving (a 6 point violation) down to improper driving (a 3 point violation).

A second consequence of rapid point accumulation is the effect it may have on insurance rates. Policies differ between insurance companies regarding the specific impact your point accumulation will have on your rates, and whether your insurance company will cancel your policy will depend on its specific internal policies, but at some point all insurance companies will take action against you if too many points are issued against your license.