The Code of Virginia authorizes the Virginia DMV to place any person under the age of 18 on Driver’s Probation upon the accumulation of nine (9) demerit points within a 12 month period, or 12 points within any 24 month period*. Additionally, anyone 18 years or older who accumulates 12 demerit points within a 12 month period of time, or 18 demerit points within a 24 month period of time will be placed on Driver’s Probation.

The DMV will order the offender to complete a Driver Improvement Course by a certain date to avoid an indefinite suspension of their driver’s license. Upon completion of the course, that same individual will then be placed on a six month probationary period. The accumulation of any demerit points during the six month probationary period will result in a suspension of that person’s driver’s license for a prescribed period of time. A three-demerit point violation will result in a 45 day suspension; a four-demerit point violation will result in a 60 day suspension; and a six-demerit point violation will result in a 90 day suspension of that person’s driver’s license.

A person who has had their driver’s license suspended for a conviction mentioned above is eligible to request at the DMV for restricted driving privileges so long as the conviction is their first while on probation. Any subsequent conviction while on probation will ban that individual from eligibility for restricted driving privileges. The driver will then have to restart the six month probationary period after the suspension is up and the license becomes otherwise valid.

Upon successful completion of the six month probationary period, the driver is then put on an 18 month control period. Any conviction resulting in demerit points during the control period will result in the driver being placed back on probation starting the process over again.

It is important to contact a skilled traffic ticket defense attorney to fight any speeding ticket, red light ticket, or any other moving violation you may have to avoid a wide range of consequences including the possibility of Driver’s Probation. No one expects to get caught up in this mess because no one expects to get a ticket tomorrow, nor the ticket that is currently pending. The traffic ticket attorneys at Boone Beale have a wide range of experience in dealing with the courts throughout Virginia and know how to navigate the challenges inherent in any case.

* Please read our webpage on young drivers as there are a number of additional consequences attached to convictions of young drivers.