Building an Effective Criminal Defense in Arlington Va

A successful Boone Beale criminal defense in Arlington VA could mean the difference between years of punitive hardship and possibly walking away with a case dismissal following your arrest. The law is complex and multifaceted. Rapid advances in science, technology and the law demand that DUI lawyers providing criminal defense in Arlington, VA remain on the cutting-edge. At Boone Beale, our lawyers maintain active memberships in national and state organizations dedicated to tackling emerging issues that infiltrate every legal case:

• Can the police search or take my GPS or cell phone without a warrant?

• How do constitutionally protected privacy rights interact with digital data?

• Can the police search my home, car or digital devices after my arrest without a warrant?

Our rapidly growing dependence on emerging technologies calls into question what constitutes privacy. Although the courts have yet to conclusively determine what constitutes a search or seizure under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution with regard to computer devices, the criminal lawyers at Boone Beale aggressively pursue these arguments in the pretrial preparation of every criminal defense presented. Arlington, VA residents recently arrested on a variety of criminal charges, including everything from drug possession and white collar crimes to robbery and murder, will find the Boone Beale law firm treats all cases with respect and dignity based on the belief that you are innocent until you are proven guilty.

When you find yourself in despair, hopeless over what might happen, contact the Boone Beale law firm for a free case consultation. We provide outstanding legal representation and aggressive advocacy for our clients in the hope of proving their innocence while assuring a fair and just trial. Call Boone Beale today and see what an expert criminal defense in Arlington VA can do for you.