Arlington VA DUI Defense Lawyer

A DUI arrest in Arlington VA can have serious consequences on your driving privileges and personal freedom. Even a first time offense may involve a jail sentence – depending on the circumstances surrounding the offense. A mandatory twelve month loss of license will also be incurred.

Virginia has a multi-tiered system for setting DUI/DWI penalties. At a minimum, a first-time offender will face:

  • a mandatory fine of $250, plus court costs
  • revocation of a driver’s license for one year

The court may grant a restricted license, with the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device. Installation and maintenance of the interlock is expensive. Also, the Court will order entry into and successful completion of the ASAP program.

If this is a first offense and the individual’s BAC is no higher than .14 percent, there will not usually be an active jail sentence, but the court will always impose a suspended jail sentence which means that if fines or court costs are not paid, ASAP is not completed or if there are any further violations of law within the next year, that person may be called back to court to serve a jail sentence.

A BAC between .15 to .20 percent will result:

  • in higher fines
  • a mandatory minimum five-day jail term
  • delayed approval for a restricted license

A BAC of greater than .20 percent carries

  • minimum jail sentence of 10 days
  • greater fines
  • delayed approval for a restricted license

Second and third time DUI offenses will result:

  • in steeper fines
  • longer jail term
  • three year driver’s license revocation
  • possible permanent forfeiture of your vehicle

A third offense for DWI within ten years is a felony.

The penalties outlined are the minimum penalties for each offense. Penalties can escalate depending:

  • on the BAC
  • circumstances surrounding the DUI arrest
  • number of prior DUI convictions

A charge of “Aggravated DUI” may also be charged for a BAC of greater than .15 percent.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Arlington VA, you will need an experienced lawyer to protect you and help minimize any potential penalties. Contact an Arlington VA DUI Defense Attorney from Boone Beale for a free consultation in your DUI case.