A Savvy Criminal Attorney in Alexandria, VA Makes Forensics A Priority

Are you or someone you care for facing severe legal consequences because of a criminal arrest in Alexandria, VA? We know it is easy to despair, but the truth is – there are many ways to reduce, or even dismiss, the accusations against you. A strong criminal attorney in Alexandria, Va knows there are many ways to reach their goal, and has the knowledge, skills, and experience to weave together the many details surrounding your criminal charges to find all possibilities leading to your innocence. They know forensic science is the key to securing your best outcome at trial.

In July of 2012, the FBI and the Justice Department launched a review of thousands of criminal cases across the country to determine whether defendants in those cases were wrongly convicted or worthy of a fair trial because of flawed forensic evidence. Unfortunately, this process is also flawed.

Media reports suggest Justice Department officials knew for years that flawed forensic results may have led to the wrongful convictions of many potentially innocent people. Unfortunately, neither the convicted defendants nor their criminal attorneys were notified by prosecutors about potentially flawed results. However, a thorough review of these cases was mandated.

This review includes cases conducted by hair and fiber examiners in the FBI laboratory since 1985, perhaps earlier. The possibly flawed forensics data have been used in federal and local criminal cases across the country – often involving violent felonies such as rape, murder and robbery.

There will be over 10,000 cases processed in the review. It’s unclear if government officials will notify criminal defense attorneys in Alexandria, VA or the Innocence Project, an advocacy organization for fair justice. Previously, only prosecuting attorneys were given review results. It was the responsibility of each individual prosecutor to notify the criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA representing the defendant in each case.

You never know where or when a possible defense may be discovered, or if other professionals involved in your guilt or innocence are performing their jobs correctly. If you need an outstanding criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA contact the Boone Beale law firm now. The sooner you reach out, the better. The more time available to prepare your defense, the more opportunities your Boone Beale criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA can identify to present a solid defense in court.