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Your DUI Attorney in Vienna VA, Can Help You From Being Another Statistic

As soon after your DUI arrest as possible hire a highly-rated DUI attorney in Vienna VA to manage your DUI defense. Why? Simple, a DUI conviction can stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life, with far-ranging penalties and consequences.

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Studies from the NHTSA show the clear truth. 68.3 percent of the 35,414 drivers arrested for DUI in Virginia were convicted of breaking DUI law and committing a crime. If you were one of those drivers, you have a nearly 1 in 4 chance of becoming a repeat DUI offender. In the five years of data analyzed between 2007 and 2011, 16 percent of the almost 24,200 drivers with a prior arrest were likely to be arrested for a subsequent DUI.

Why run the risk of such terrible odds? Why accept an unchallenged fate that could rob you of your life and livelihood? On January 24, 2015 the PBS Newshour reported job “applicants with criminal backgrounds, including those with nonviolent criminal convictions or even arrests, are increasingly being driven into poverty. Even if it has been years since they’ve served time for past criminal infractions, those applying for jobs are often unable to find work — especially in a climate of extreme job competition.”

With so much to lose, why not pick up your phone and call the law firm of Boone Beale right now? As of July, 2013, all DUI convictions remain on your criminal record for life. That’s right – legislation passed over the past 20 years in the Commonwealth of Virginia have created a distinct economic separation between those who have a DUI conviction on their criminal record and those who do not.

The facts don’t lie – Virginia DUI laws are severe. The minute you can, contact a highly-experienced, top-rated Boone Beale DUI attorney in Vienna Virginia to defend you against DUI charges. Your life as you know it could depend on it.

DUI Attorney in Vienna VA

DUI Attorney in Vienna VA
DUI Attorney in Vienna VA

A Well-Crafted DUI Defense in Vienna VA, is Mandatory

A well-crafted DUI defense in Vienna VA, is mandatory for anyone, even people facing a first-time DUI offense. With strict DUI legislation passing every few years tightening the legal noose, the penalties and consequences of a DUI conviction can easily exceed $10,000. That cost does not include the “shadow consequences” that often accompany a permanent criminal record.

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Without the narrative of an artful DUI defense in Vienna Virginia, you could face a slew of unexpected side effects that can stranglehold your ability to rent an apartment or qualify for a loan, obtain transportation, or pay monthly bills. Because lurking in the shadows of a DUI are the more harmful, long-term consequences of life after a DUI conviction. You could lose a government security clearance, be prevented from overseas travel, and be forced to pay exorbitant insurance fees if and when you are permitted to drive again. Without a DUI defense lawyer in Vienna, VA, you may never know what could have been – what consequences you may have avoided with good legal representation.

Offenders with multiple DUIs and first-time DUI offenders with a BAC over 0.15 attend mandatory outpatient treatment for substance abuse called VASAP. You may also be required to pay a monthly fee plus installation costs for an ignition interlock system, which requires a breathalyzer test be performed in order to start your vehicle. Then there are the cursory administrative fees and court costs, along with completion of any restitution ordered by the court.

Get the DUI defense in Vienna, VA, you deserve to protect your rights and ensure you receive fair treatment from law enforcement and those working within the Fairfax County criminal justice system. Contact the DUI experts at the law firm of Boone Beale today to work with a reputable DUI defense lawyer in Vienna, VA.

Don’t Go Without a DUI Attorney in Woodbridge VA

Why go without a DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA? A DUI conviction means certain dire consequences and overwhelming penalties, some court-mandated and others the response of a society long weary of the cost of people getting behind the wheel of their vehicles after consuming alcohol or drugs that severely impair their ability to safely drive.

Because Virginia defines driving as a privilege and not a right, you are presumed to consent to breath or blood testing by virtue of the per se law, which makes it a criminal offense to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or greater if you are arrested for DUI or snared by a routine traffic stop while impaired by drugs. Only the assistance of a well-trained, highly-respected DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA, can help you negotiate a positive outcome in the criminal justice system.

The bottom line? You risk losing much more than your ability to drive if convicted of a Virginia DUI. Since July, 2013, a DUI conviction in Virginia remains on your criminal record for life. In fact, the PBS Newshour carried an item this past January quoting a Wall Street Journal report that Americans with a DUI conviction before age 23 “experience higher unemployment rates, make less money, and are twice as likely to end up in poverty as their peers.”

There is much at stake. Without a qualified DUI attorney in Woodbridge, VA, how will you present an effective DUI defense? Without a good DUI lawyer, you may never know what potential argument could have earned you freedom from a lifetime suppressed by one DUI conviction.

When you need a top-rated DUI attorney in Woodbridge, VA, don’t take chances – call the DUI experts at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law. Successfully fighting for DUI clients throughout Virginia since 1980.

DUI Attorney in Woodbridge VA

DUI Attorney in Woodbridge VA
DUI Attorney in Woodbridge VA

Your DUI Lawyer in Woodbridge VA is Your Best Defense

A skilled, DUI lawyer in Woodbridge VA, is your best defense against any DUI charges. Call the Woodbridge DUI specialists at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law, for your most promising opportunity to secure a positive resolution in your DUI case.

A DUI charge may seem to be pretty cut-and-dry on the surface, but there are many ways a highly-rated Boone Beale DUI lawyer in Woodbridge, VA, can help lessen your penalties, shorten a jail sentence, or, through painstaking legal and investigative work, demonstrate that you did not receive fair or just treatment during or after your DUI traffic stop.

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With cutting-edge education and training in high-tech forensics, crime scene investigation, and the latest findings in medical science, your Boone Beale DUI attorney can meticulously piece together the evidence in your case to disprove the assertions of the prosecution, challenge test results, or demonstrate that the authorities involved in the processing and collection of evidence against you did not precisely follow all procedural mandates.

Your best driving under the influence defense begins and ends with the painstakingly prepared argument presented by your Boone Beale DUI lawyer. Woodbridge VA, drivers accused of committing a DUI face notoriously stiff penalties and severe punishments, including VASAP classes, an ignition interlock device, administrative and court fees, the loss of driving privileges, and the inevitable financial, social, and personal costs associated with a DUI conviction.

A well-planned defense is critical if you are charged as a repeat or habitual DUI offender. A felony DUI conviction carries a mandatory, minimum $1,000 fine, indefinite revocation of your driver’s license, and is prosecuted as a Class 6 felony. Conviction for a third DUI offense within five years carries penalties including a mandatory, minimum six-month jail term, while conviction for a third DUI third offense within ten years also imposes an additional minimum 90-day jail term plus the permanent forfeiture of any vehicle for which you are sole title holder.

Did you know a DUI conviction stays with you for life with devastating long-term consequences? What are you waiting for? Hire a dedicated Boone Beale DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA, today and make the criminal justice system work to your advantage.

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA: Potential Challenges to DUI Charge

You’ve been pulled over in Woodbridge VA by the police, given a breath test and arrested for driving under the influence. Now what? You will need a DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge VA. The police will keep you in custody at the police station until someone is able to post bail for you or until you are released at the arraignment hearing. With all of this going on, it’s important to know that you have not been found guilty yet. This will be determined at trial should your DUI defense lawyer and you determine that’s the best course of action.

So what are some things a DUI defense lawyer in Woodbridge VA will consider before suggesting an approach to your case?

The breath test and blood alcohol tests are not infallible. Police officers can make mistakes. Procedures and results may be challenged. Some things that can impact the outcomes of the tests and thus the outcome of your trial include:

  • Timing of the test
  • Your health situation at the time of the test
  • Compliance with technical rules
  • The machine’s certifications and calibrations
  • Calibration temperatures and quality of the calibration fluid
  • How test run results were logged (if they were logged)
  • Arrest location and conditions of the road

It’s important to know the penalties that can result from a conviction before going to trial: license suspension, prison time, significant fines, and hiked insurance rates. You could be barred from renting a car, and if your job involves driving, you could even lose your job.

The most important thing you can do after an arrest is to immediately contact a DUI defense lawyer. Woodbridge VA police must allow you a call and the sooner you engage a specialist in these matters the better. Boone Beale is an expert in defending clients against DUI charges. The sooner we can talk to the arresting offices and start gathering information about the arrest, the sooner we can help determine an approach to your case.

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA
DUI Defense Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

DUI Attorney In Woodbridge VA: What to Expect After Arrest for a DUI

When you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in Woodbridge VA, it can be a confusing time for you. No doubt you are in some shock and things can happen very quickly. This is when you will need to put trust into a DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA. The police will follow a series of steps when taking you to be booked and jailed. Below is what you can expect to happen following the arrest and before you go to trial.

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Personal Belongings Are Removed
At the arrest location, you will be searched for any weapons and arresting officers my remove and bag personal accessories such as jewelry, scarves, belts, shoe laces. Any strings in your clothing such as hooded sweatshirts or jacket waists will be taken out of the garments. The detention facility may take additional precautions and take sweaters and shoes as well, and hold them until you are released.

Fingerprinting and Photos Are Taken
Police will take finger prints and photographs are part of the booking process where the arrest is recorded at the police station. You will be asked to answer questions. You are however not obligated to answer any questions until the arrival of your DUI attorney. Woodbridge VA police will give you the opportunity to make a call. You should call an attorney or a person you trust to make that call on your behalf.

License Automatically Suspended for Seven Days
You will be subject to an “Administrative License Suspension” if your breath test results were .08 or over (or .02 if under 21).Your license will be taken away for this period and returned after the seven days. You may not drive at all. Failure to comply is a criminal offense and will bring its own penalties, which could mean jail time, fines and extend your license suspension.

Arraignment Scheduling
If you are able to post bail and be released from the station, your arraignment hearing will likely be scheduled after your seven-day administrative license suspension has ended. If you are unable to post bail are detained further in jail, your arraignment will likely take place the next business day.

The arraignment is a formal statement of the charges against you before the Court. The Court will make sure you understand the charges and your rights to counsel. It’s best for you to have representation at the hearing by a DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA. The police do not have to be present at this time. The judge will schedule the next court date for you and witnesses to appear. If you do not have representation at the arraignment, you may find yourself with a short time to prepare your defense. Boone Beale representation would work to make sure the next court date allows appropriate time for preparation.

DUI Lawyer In Woodbridge VA: Post-Arraignment Steps for Your DUI Defense

Following your arraignment, you will be given a period of time to work out a defense with your DUI lawyer in Woodbridge VA. The courts will decide how long you will have based on their upcoming trial schedule. During this period, there are various steps your DUI lawyer can take.

Pre-Trial Investigation
A good starting place is for your DUI lawyer to obtain a copy of the Woodbridge VA arresting officer’s sworn criminal complaint and to interview that officer in person. Important information can be gleaned from this conversation, as well as any possible discrepancies. The dui lawyer may file a discovery motion to obtain any exculpatory evidence, which is evidence that might prove you are not guilty or that might mitigate penalties for the crime.

Additionally, your attorney may visit the arrest location to determine whether there are external factors that could impact your case. Were you perhaps weaving to avoid a road riddled with potholes? The attorney also should request maintenance records for the breathalyzer machine, as well as any of the defendant’s medical records that might be relevant.

Motion to Suppress
If there is reasonable belief that your constitutional rights have been violated by the Woodbridge VA law enforcement process, your DUI lawyer should file a motion to suppress evidence. This motion may be filed based on considerations of an unconstitutional stop, unconstitutional search and seizure, or if Miranda rights were not communicated. During the motion to suppress hearing, the court is asked to consider whether your rights have been in fact violated, and whether or not all or some evidence should be suppressed as a result.

Trial by Judge
There are no juries in Virginia District Courts, so your case will be tried by a judge. This is the point at which you will rely on the defense strategy you planned with your DUI lawyer in Woodbridge VA. The arresting officers will be called as witnesses. The judge will determine guilt or innocence, and if you pled guilty or are found guilty, the judge will also determine your sentence.

DUI Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

DUI Lawyer In Woodbridge VA
DUI Lawyer In Woodbridge VA

DUI Defense In Vienna VA: Saving Your License

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in Vienna VA, what is your best course of action to avoid losing your license? The single best thing you can do is hire an attorney that specializes in DUI defense in Vienna VA. The courts may appoint you an attorney, but you risk having an attorney that is not well acquainted with DUI laws – and indeed, scientific knowledge – required to put up a successful defense.

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Next, you’ll want to make sure that you convey everything that happened at the time of the arrest to your DUI defense attorney. Try to recall for your attorney everything that was said, procedures taken, and how those procedures were conducted. What did the officer say was the reason for the stop? This is very important because an officer must have probable cause to stop you and must be able to communicate that reason. If not, then this may be grounds for motion to suppress evidence based on an unconstitutional stop. Be sure to tell your attorney about anything that felt strange or not quite right at the time. What did they say about your breathalyzer results or blood alcohol level? There may be other procedural issues that can be challenged.

You will also want to recount everything about your day to your attorney. To mount a sound defense, your attorney will need to be apprised of everything you did in the hours before your arrest. A minute by minute account is not too much. Everything from your whereabouts to what you ate and when, what you drank and when, when you stopped drinking, when you got behind the wheel, whether you took a known route or a new one, were you taking any medication and when had you taken it. No detail is too small or unimportant.

When you are arrested, your license will be automatically suspended for seven days. This is called an Administrative License Suspension. It’s very important that you do not drive during this period as this a criminal offense and you risk losing your license for a very long time. Under a narrow set of circumstances, this suspension can be challenged as part of your DUI defense. Vienna VA courts will hear these motions however, in most cases this is a situation that must be tolerated before your case can be brought to a judge. You can trust Boone Beale to steer you through this often confusing period. Being cooperative and adhering to the rules of the process will work in your favor.

Vienna VA DUI Attorney: Constitutionality and the DUI Arrest

One of the big questions under consideration when you have been charged with a DUI in Vienna VA is whether at any point in the process your constitutional rights were violated. This is a challenge for your Vienna VA DUI attorney.

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Vienna VA courts may entertain any motions on constitutionality filed by the attorney before trial. These motions may ask the following questions, for example:

1. Was your stop constitutional?
What did the officer observe when the decision was made to pull you over? What did the officer communicate was the reason for pulling you over. The officer must be able to articulate that to you. If you were stopped and officers did not tell you why you were been pulled over, there may be some grounds for challenging the stop.

2. Was administration of blood alcohol tests on the roadside constitutional?
What led the officer to believe you had been drinking? Did the officer follow proper protocols for administering the roadside tests? What were the conditions of the road where the tests were administered? There is a lot of science to understand and thus it’s important to hire a Vienna VA DUI attorney. Vienna VA must follow very specific rules and regulations for your arrest to be valid.

3. Did the officer have probable cause to arrest you for a DUI?
What were the results of the breath or blood tests conducted? What were the results? Were those results communicated to you? Did you see the reading yourself? What was the condition of the machine?

4. Were you informed of your Miranda rights?
When you are stopped an officer may start asking you lots of questions about where you are going, where you are coming from, whether you have been drinking. You do not have to answer any of these questions. In fact, the officer is supposed to inform you of your right to remain silent under Miranda.

5. Was any search and seizure constitutional?
For a search and seizure to be legal, the officer must have one of three things: 1) a warrant, 2) your permission to search your vehicle, or 3) probable cause. A broken tail light does amount to probable cause. A beer can, liquor bottle or drug paraphernalia in plain sight are deal breakers. Police have every right then to search your vehicle. If police asked permission and you did not give explicit consent, police may only explore the immediate environment that is visible to anyone. This may include for example floor boards, back seats, door pockets and rear window area – basically any area that someone walking past the vehicle could see.

If you were arrested following a stop at a sobriety check point, like many you may be wondering whether this violates your constitutional rights. This is a subject for another article but the United States Supreme Court has weighed in on this and declared it constitutional. These are just a few reasons that you want to make sure that you specifically engage the expertise of a Vienna VA DUI attorney. Vienna VA officers can make mistakes which violate your constitutional rights in DUI arrests. Such mistakes may result in dismissal of your case if caught early and addressed.

DUI In Vienna VA – Under-Age Drinking and Driving

The drinking age in Virginia is 21. If your teenager is caught drinking underage while driving in Vienna VA, s/he will most certainly be charged with a DUI in Vienna VA. Vienna VA’s law enforcement and the State of Virginia take underage drunk driving very seriously. While drivers under 21 represent only 10% of all drivers on Virginia roads, they are responsible -according to one study- for 14% of all drunk-driving related fatalities.

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That’s why penalties for teens convicted with a DUI in Vienna VA are stiff – worse than penalties for the over 21 crowd. They are meant to teach a lesson that the teenager will never forget and to deter future DUIs. Vienna VA court systems mete out penalties of imprisonment, license suspension, and monetary fines.

What constitutes drinking? If your teenager has had one drop, that’s enough to get them arrested for a DUI. Vienna VA, like every city and state in the country, has a zero tolerance policy. The blood alcohol content (BAC) for adults is .08 but for those under 21, the BAC is anything above zero.

Your teenager’s problems do not stop there. There likely will be additional charges: minor possession of alcohol, distribution to minors if passengers are involved, solicitation of alcohol, possibly possession of false identification (use of a fake ID) and the list doesn’t end.

This is not treated as a light teenage transgression. You’ll need a real defense. If your teenager is convicted of a DUI in Vienna VA, the conviction will follow them for the rest of their life possibly impacting college admissions decisions, early job prospects, and insurance options. Only if the case is dropped or dismissed will your teenager be able to get the record expunged.

Boone Beale provides expert defense for a DUI in Vienna VA. We will mount a strong defense for your teenager. You’ll want lawyers that have been around the block more than a few times with DUI and DWI laws. Contact Boone Beale today.

DUI In Vienna VA

DUI In Vienna VA
DUI In Vienna VA

DUI In Herndon VA: From Happy Hour to a DUI Arrest

Did you know that 90% of all drunk driving happens after drinking with family friends and co-workers, according to This includes DUI in Herndon VA. Warmer weather means more backyard BBQs, outdoor concerts and ball games, and more happy hours after work. It also means more adults getting behind the wheels of their cars after having an alcoholic drink or two. Unfortunately, some will find themselves facing a charge of DUI in Herndon VA. Maybe you are one of these people.

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We understand the temptation to drive. You’re on a schedule and want to leave when you wanted to leave. You told yourself that you can get home just fine. You just had a drink or two. A policeman, however, saw you swerving a bit into the on-coming lane. Or perhaps you were stopped for an expired plate or broken signal, and the officer smelled alcohol on your breath. This happens to many well-intentioned people.

Maybe you are reading this now wondering what to do about the arrest. A conviction could mean the loss of your job, impact relationships, and jack up your insurance rate. You need help; more specifically you need a lawyer if you have any hope of avoiding conviction of a DUI in Herndon VA.

Boone Beale has been helping clients like you for over 30 years. With accreditations from many national law associations, including the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National College of DUI Defense, Boone Beale lawyers are tireless in their efforts to help clients get their DUI dismissed or at minimum to help you reduce consequences and penalties.

For the best outcome, it’s imperative that you do not delay in contacting an attorney to help you with your defense. Boone Beale understands the ins and outs of the law that can make a big difference in your case. Many issues can often be solved before your case goes to trial or eliminate the trial phase altogether. It’s important that Boone Beale be able to get access to evidence as soon as possible and to talk with you to assess your case. Call Boone Beale for a free case evaluation today and let us help you mount the strongest defense on your behalf against the DUI in Herndon Virginia.

DUI in Herndon VA

DUI in Herndon VA
DUI in Herndon VA

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Woodbridge VA: Felony Classes and Penalties

Felony convictions in Woodbridge, VA and the region carry the most severe penalties of incarceration and sometimes even death. If you have been arrested on a felony charge, you will want to secure a criminal defense lawyer in Woodbridge VA right away. Boone Beale’s criminal defense attorneys, serving Woodbridge, VA and the surrounding areas, are available for an immediate and free case evaluation.

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To help you understand some of the guiding elements in your case, below we describe felony charge classifications, the penalties they carry, and how a criminal defense lawyer in Woodbridge VA can help minimize the consequences.

Class 1 felonies – premeditated murder, for example – are punishable by life imprisonment and a fine of up to $100,000. In some cases, the state may seek the death penalty for adults over 18.

Class 2 felonies include intentionally and maliciously causing someone else bodily injury, burglary with deadly weapon or aggravated murder. Class 2 convictions carry sentences of 20 years to life in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

Class 3 felonies include stabbing, strangling, shooting or poisoning a person with intent to kill or maim. Class 3 convictions carry jail sentences of 5 to 20 years and up to $100,000 fine.

Class 4 felonies include, for example, pimping or managing prostitutes’ activities with clients, arson of an abandoned building or embezzlement among others. Class 4 convictions carry jail sentences of 2 to 20 years and up to $100,000 fine.

Class 5 and Class 6 felony crimes may include involuntary man slaughter, assault and battery, animal cruelty and extortion among others. Depending on the crime and the discretion of the judge and jury, the charge may be reduced to a misdemeanor. If the conviction is treated as a felony, the sentence can range from 1 to 10 years. If treated as a misdemeanor, the sentence can only be up to a year and a fine of $2,500.

Within this wide range of felony classes and penalties, there is much that can be done to minimize your consequences with the early engagement of a criminal defense attorney in Woodbridge VA. Contact Boone Beale for an expert evaluation today.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Woodbridge VA

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Woodbridge VA
Criminal Defense Lawyer in Woodbridge VA

Criminal Defense in Woodbridge VA: Understanding Misdemeanors

While misdemeanors committed in Woodbridge VA are defined as less serious crimes, many are still punishable by time in prison up to one year. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you will want to make sure that you avail yourself of a strong local criminal defense in Woodbridge VA. No one wants to spend a night, much less a year behind bars. Punishments vary depending on the misdemeanor, with convictions determined by its classification and by lawmakers.

Misdemeanors are classified as Class 1, 2, 3 and 4. Class 1 and 2 convictions carry higher of risk of jail time and steep fines. Of course, each conviction is a mark on your record and can have farther reaching consequences in many areas of your life.

Examples of Class 1 misdemeanors are carrying a gun without a permit or domestic violence charges. Un-categorized misdemeanors are charged as Class 1 misdemeanors. This charge may carry a punishment of up to 12 months in jail, a $2,500 fine or both.

Examples of Class 2 misdemeanors include first-time convictions of possession of marijuana and/or drug paraphernalia. What constitutes paraphernalia? Any items used in the growing, processing, storing, selling, or use of marijuana. Class 2 misdemeanor charges are punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a $500 fine or both.

Examples of Class 3 and 4 misdemeanors include first conviction for public drunkenness or intoxication. There is no jail time for convictions in these cases. Class 3 convictions are punishable by up to $500, and Class 4 convictions are punishable by up to $250 fines.

The best way to avoid a conviction is to seek criminal defense in Woodbridge VA. Local representation will be important. You want to employ an attorney that knows their way around the legal system, is comfortable handling all the nuances of the law and will work hard to get you the best possible outcome.

Boone Beale attorneys have over 30 years of Criminal Defense in Woodbridge VA experience – defending misdemeanors in Woodbridge and surrounding areas in VA. Whether this is your first arrest or second, Boone Beale assures you the attention and expert defense you need to defend your case swiftly.

Criminal Defense in Woodbridge VA

Criminal Defense in Woodbridge VA
Criminal Defense in Woodbridge VA

DUI Lawyer In Vienna VA: Probable Cause and Implied Consent

If a police officer pulls you over while driving in Vienna VA and asks you to take a breath test or blood test, you must submit to the test by Virginia law. Take it from a DUI lawyer in Vienna VA. Police officers must have probable cause to pull you over, inform you of why you were pulled over and communicate the consequences if you refuse to take this test.

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Driving on Virginia Roads Constitutes Implied Consent
Anyone driving on the Virginia highways, whether they have a Virginia license or not, by law has given implied consent to submit to a breath test or blood test to determine blood alcohol content (BAC). Failure to comply triggers additional charges and penalties apart from the DUI charge. As with any misdemeanor charge, you will be required to answer to this charge in court and your refusal to take the tests may be used against you on the DUI charge.

Penalties for Violating Implied Consent Laws Can Be Harsher Than DUI Penalties
Whether you are found guilty of driving under the influence or not, refusal to take the BAC tests carries automatic penalties. First time offenses cause you to lose your driver’s license for a year. For many, this penalty may be harder to swallow than those you might receive for a first-time DUI. If your job requires you to drive, this could cause you to lose your job and face even greater financial impacts.

Police Officers Must Follow Specific Rules and Regulations in Administering BAC Tests
Be sure to provide all the details you can about your arrest to your DUI lawyer in Vienna VA. Vienna VA police officers will arrive at court with their own story. You must have a DUI lawyer – a specialist in fighting DUIs – as your advocate. They must understand all of the nuances of all of the rules and regulations governing BAC testing process – rules about timeliness, maintenance of the breathalyzer machine and how results are notated – because any mistakes in this area can help your case.

Boone Beale has 30 years of experience advocating for clients on DUIs and other related charges. You can count on dedicated handling of your case by a DUI lawyer. Vienna VA courts and surrounding area court systems are well-known to us. Boone Beale knows the ins and outs of Virginia’s DUI laws to help you get the best possible outcome.

DUI Lawyer In Vienna VA

DUI Lawyer In Vienna VA
DUI Lawyer In Vienna VA