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What to do After a Baby DUI in Fairfax VA

Experts and those who have faced a Baby DUI in Fairfax VA, agree that the best thing you can do after a “baby DUI” is hire the best DUI attorney you can afford.

A minor can be charged with a baby DUI under VA Code §18.2-266.1, which permits anyone under 21 behind the wheel with a minimum BAC of .02 to be charged under the same statute as a person over 21. Even though underage drinkers who drive are technically not intoxicated, they can still be arrested under DUI laws (even they are legally sober) because they have illegally consumed alcohol. That’s the bottom line with Baby DUI in Fairfax VA.

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How important is hiring a qualified lawyer in your baby DUI case? It may mean the difference between a manageable, favorable outcome and facing more severe, life-long penalties and consequences. Many Virginians with baby DUI convictions have difficulty with employment, obtaining loans, and qualifying for apartment rentals. Add to that soaring insurance rates, possibly an ignition interlock device and associated costs, and the costs of one baby DUI in Fairfax, VA, can be staggering.

On the website, Bill N. comments from personal experience:

“The cop is going to have to make his case based on your driving and on your behavior once he pulled you over. So it is really going to come down to which judge you pull, how good of a show the cop puts on, and how good your attorney is. There is only one of these factors which is under your control. So go out there and hire the best attorney for DUI in Fairfax Virginia you can find.

DUI in Fairfax VA

Now for the warning. Do not think the prosecutor is doing you any favors by reducing the charge to reckless. That is pretty much the standard plea bargain for a first time DUI in Fairfax Virginia, one they will readily offer even if your BAC is well above the legal limit. In this situation you’ll likely have ASAP, license suspension, a nasty fine and a hefty hike in your insurance premiums. If that is the best deal a prosecutor will offer, have your attorney make sure they have a strong case on the DUI, because this deal can seriously mess with your life.”

Don’t let a baby DUI rob you of a productive, secure future. Contact the DUI experts at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law, for a DUI defense tailored to your specific circumstances and requirements. Since 1981 the well-respected DUI specialists at Boone Beale have represented thousands of people charged with DUI in Fairfax VA, in all types of cases. Put our DUI expertise to work for you. Call Boone Beale now.

Baby DUI in Fairfax VA

Baby DUI in Fairfax VA
Baby DUI in Fairfax VA

You Need The Best DUI Lawyer In Richmond VA

When the sirens blow and the lights flash, and you’re behind the wheel, you need the best DUI lawyer in Richmond VA. No matter your circumstances, a DUI can wreak havoc with your life for decades. Ask the guy working on my house. He’s unable to secure entry level employment because of a DUI from two decades ago. No McDonalds, no Dairy Queen, no Lowes, no nothing. A quick internet background check reveals your criminal record, warts and all. And, with digital communication, everybody knows everybody else’s business, so don’t think you can hide. I know he couldn’t.

Ironically, you can also be convicted of a DUI without actually driving in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In March, 2012, the Virginia Supreme Court overturned 20 years of precedent by ruling that if you occupy a vehicle driver’s seat with the key placed in the ignition, you are legally operating that vehicle and committing a DUI crime. You need the best DUI Lawyer in Richmond VA.

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Yes, Virginia, breaking DUI law here includes anyone who is intoxicated and sitting alone in the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle with the key in the ignition. Obviously the definition of “operating” is somewhat refined in the Old Dominion. Kidding aside, this reinforces the magnitude of seriousness with which Virginia authorities treat driving under the influence.

And, as if the Virginia code wasn’t harsh enough toward DUI infractions, a DUI stays on your record forever. That’s permanent, no change, ever. Virginia law offers no provisions to erase or expunge any misdemeanor or felony conviction. You did it, you own it – for life.

Before you let the government’s prosecution team write your future, contact the consummate DUI professionals at Boone Beale. With over 100 cumulative years of DUI litigation experience, we offer the best DUI lawyers in Richmond VA, to dismiss your charges or reduce the impact of ensuing penalties. For an aggressive defense from DUI lawyers in Richmond, VA, with the skills, litigation experience, and cutting-edge strategies you need to get the best results in your DUI case. Get the best DUI Lawyer in Richmond VA – call Boone Beale now and jumpstart your Richmond, VA, DUI defense.

Best DUI Lawyer In Richmond VA
Avoid This – Get The Best DUI Lawyer In Richmond VA

Best DUI Lawyer in Fairfax VA Helps Clients Avoid Lifelong Consequences

Immediately following your initial contact with law enforcement regarding a DUI charge call the best DUI lawyers in Fairfax VA – call Boone Beale. A DUI is no small matter, and has the potential to diminish the circumstances and quality of your life forever. Only an the best DUI lawyer in Fairfax VA has the skills, experience and resources you need to have successfully defend your case. With complex, high-tech resources and an arsenal of legal tools, a smart DUI attorney can argue for dismissal or reduce the impact of a potential DUI conviction.

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Did you know in Virginia, DUIs stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life? Virginia law contains no provision allowing for erasure or expungement of any criminal conviction, misdemeanor or felony, no matter how much time has passed. That’s why choosing the best DUI lawyer in Fairfax VA is so critical.

Best DUI Lawyer in Fairfax VA

A reputable DUI lawyer knows Fairfax, VA, courts and personnel. Personal relationships that can be crucial to the positive outcome of your DUI case. An active member of the National College for DUI Defense and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, your DUI lawyer in Fairfax, VA will also have years of successful litigation experience highly-rated by peers and independent agencies Martindale-Hubbell and Avvo. With the highest possible rank for professional ability and ethical standards based on evaluations by other members of the bar and the judiciary, the best DUI lawyer in Fairfax VA, that you select will represent you – in perhaps a monumental moment in your life.

With over 100 years of DUI litigation experience and exceptional ratings from clients, peers, and the judiciary alike, the Boone Beale law firm is known for well-qualified, sophisticated DUI lawyers with a passion for defending clients in a variety of circumstances. Don’t wonder what if or why – call the best DUI lawyer in Fairfax VA today – call Boone Beale.

Best DUI Lawyer in Fairfax VA
Best DUI Lawyers in Fairfax VA

Understanding a Baby DUI in Richmond VA

Baby DUI in Richmond VA, is a nickname given to a DUI conviction under Virginia code §18.2-266.1, which makes it illegal for anyone under age 21 to drive after consuming alcohol, regardless of their blood alcohol content (BAC). While a .08 is still the legal BAC required for conviction in an adult DWI charge in Virginia, the legal threshold for a baby DWI is .02. Most underage drinkers don’t even know they can be arrested by the police for drinking and driving while they are technically sober and charged as if they were an adult. Imagine their surprise when the police pull out their handcuffs.

Punishments for a baby DUI in Richmond VA, include a loss of driving privileges for up to one year, a $500 fine, or community service in lieu of the fine depending on the judge. Based on the individual circumstances involved in your case, a restricted license may be issued. But your baby DUI conviction can set the stage for a cavalcade of consequences that will influence the quality of your life far into the future.

Ironically, a baby DUI can’t technically be called a DUI because it does not have a legal mandate that requires intoxication while operating automotive equipment. However, a baby DUI in Richmond VA, does require the driver be under age 21 while in the act of driving a motor vehicle with a BAC at or above.02 percent but below.08 percent.

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Although it sounds so innocent, conviction of a “baby dui,” in Richmond, VA, carries serious penalties often defined in the media as some of the most severe in the country. In Virginia, underage driving after illegally consuming alcohol is a Class 1 misdemeanor crime including a punishment of:

  • a maximum of a year in jail
  • forfeiture of your driver’s license for one year , though a restricted license may be granted by the judge.
  • a mandatory minimum fine of $500 not to exceed $2,500, or a mandatory 50 hours of community service, and
  • mandatory referral to the Virginia ASAP program

Baby DUI in Richmond VA

While some defendants may believe “I’m guilty, and this is my just punishment.” others may feel they are entitled to all of the protections they are guaranteed under the law. In these cases, your best defense against a DUI in Richmond, VA, mitigates penalties and reduces the crippling effect of subsequent lifelong damages.

The experienced legal professionals at the Boone Beale law firm offer comprehensive, responsive legal services to challenge the circumstances of your baby DUI. The experienced Boone Beale lawyers, specializing in DUI in Richmond VA, offer young drivers their most penetrating and effective DUI defense.

DUI in Richmond VA
DUI in Richmond VA

Multiple Criminal Charges Demand a Uniquely Qualified DUI Lawyer in Manassas VA

Are you fresh off a Virginia DUI arrest involving a car accident? Have you absorbed the flood of details, what ifs, and begun to plan your course of action? Step one is hiring a DUI lawyer in Manassas VA. Act quickly to find a local DUI lawyer to jump-start your criminal defense and make sure you have the best possible chance at a positive outcome.

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We’ve all heard DUI horror stories and seen the headlines, but until you get pulled or end up involved in a fatal car accident, you can’t really imagine how much your life will change after a DUI conviction. DUI cases are unique, like snowflakes, and so are the DUI lawyers serving Manassas, VA, clients facing DUI charges. As you read the recent Virginia DUI news stories below, think about what skills, qualities, credentials and qualifications will best meet your needs as you select a DUI lawyer in Manassas, VA:

Virginia Attorney Gets 9 Years for DUI and Manslaughter

Police video shows the defendant unable to stand on one foot or walk a straight line. At the scene his blood alcohol level measured 0.23, while the breathalyzer at the jail showed 0.15. He had one prior DUI arrest in 2012. He has lost his license to practice law.

Richmond Man Guilty of Felony Hit and Run, Involuntary Manslaughter for Fatal DUI Accident

Following a conviction on multiple criminal charges stemming from a drunk driving accident, a Richmond man was sentenced to five years for involuntary manslaughter, ten years with all ten suspended for felony hit-and-run, and twelve months all but five days suspended for DUI. The accident was filmed by closed-circuit TV. Clearly intoxicated according to police reports, the defendant pled guilty to all charges for the fatal DUI.

Journalist Arrested in Fatal Virginia DUI Crash

A prominent journalist was jailed without bond on charges of driving under the influence and causing a multi-vehicle crash that killed a Virginia man. Investigators found four empty beer cans in the vehicle and are awaiting forensic testing results and toxicology reports.

Regardless of the facts and circumstances in your DUI case, facing DUI and serious criminal charges demands the services of a DUI lawyer in Manassas VA, with the unique skills to best serve you and protect your rights. Call the uniquely qualified DUI lawyers in Manassas, VA, at the Boone Beale law firm for an exceptional drunk driving defense meticulously constructed just for you by DUI experts determined to succeed.

DUI Lawyer In Chesterfield County VA

A simple DUI can wreak havoc in your life for years – but it doesn’t have to. Any determined DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County VA, will do everything they can to help you minimize the consequences of a DUI conviction, with the objective of having your charges dismissed if at all possible.

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A DUI charge can result from having too much to drink at a friend’s party and not knowing your turn light isn’t working. Just like that, probable cause can begin with a minor safety infraction. Though some DUI cases become more layered depending on the circumstances. When you are facing repeat DUI charges or a DUI involving an accident, your legal situation can escalate rapidly – property damage, insurance companies, injury victims – in an instant you need a DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County VA.

DUI Lawyer In Chesterfield County VA

The more layered your case, the more important it is to select an established DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA, who is considered a top attorney in their field. Ask questions to establish and substantiate professional credentials, including:

  • How many years of DUI law practice? Where?
  • How many cases have been taken and how many were won
  • What is your Martindale-Hubbell score?
  • What is your rating from Avvo?
  • What legal organizations do you belong to?
  • Are you a member of the National College for DUI Defense?
  • What special areas of training do you have that will get me better results in court?

Constructing a thorough DUI defense takes excellent communication skills, investigative doggedness, methodical questioning, and a logical approach. Have a well-respected DUI lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA, demonstrate their qualifications in cutting-edge capabilities in forensic science, digital devices and internet technology, interviewing techniques and an exhaustive understanding of Virginia DUI and constitutional law.

Finally, ask yourself if you can afford to suffer the maximum punishment and penalties imposed if you are found guilty. The risks are high and the price crushing. A conviction will remain on your permanent criminal record, where repercussions from your DUI will ripple through your career, preventing advancement opportunities, narrowing your financial options, and costing you money all the way.

DUI Lawyer In Prince William County VA

People often wonder “Do I really need a versatile, determined DUI lawyer in Prince William County VA, especially if it is my first offense?” There was a time that answer was “It depends. What happened?” The solution was often a local jail, low-key affair involving a night in a cell, a reasonable fine, and a “driver improvement class”.

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But over the past 25 years the landscape of intoxicated driving has intensified. DUI laws in Virginia have become increasingly complicated and associated penalties more onerous. And, while less drivers are impaired by alcohol behind the wheel, more are testing positive for non-prescribed pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) in their Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use by Drivers released this month, BAC blood tests and forensic analysis reveal the number of drivers in Virginia with marijuana detected in their bloodstream has risen by 50% over the past seven years.

DUI Lawyer In Prince William County VA

Here’s a true story to illustrate why you need to hire a DUI lawyer in Prince William County VA:

A friend’s 19 year old son was arrested in a routine traffic stop, after midnight and alone, because the license plate illumination light was out. He had two beers that night. He didn’t know he could refuse to exit the car or to take the roadside breathalyzer test. He blew a .02 and passed the field sobriety tests. When his parents arrived 40 minutes later he thought he might be safe. Then the arresting officer cuffed him and told them he was being charged with a “baby DUI.”

VA Code § 18.2-266.1 allows anyone under 21 driving with a minimum BAC of .02 to be charged under the same statute as a person over 21. Even though underage drinkers are technically not intoxicated, they can still be arrested under DUI laws even they are sober because they have illegally consumed alcohol.

In this case, you can see the importance of knowing the nuance of the law and being able to communicate that with calculated precision to a judge or jury. Equally important is understanding the context of the arrest, as well as events leading up to and following. What if he had taken prescription medication instead of alcohol? What if the police improperly administered the tests? What if they searched his cell phone? What if you hire a meticulous DUI lawyer in Prince William County VA, with the ability to question, inject, challenge, admit, motion, and argue every step of the way?

With over 100 years of combined DUI litigation experience and consistently high ratings from peers, colleagues, and clients, the Boone Beale DUI lawyers in Prince William County VA, are uniquely qualified to secure your best DUI outcome. Contact us today to schedule your free case consultation.