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Grace Stewart

Grace Stewart

Grace E. Stewart is an attorney who is dedicated to the zealous advocacy of the accused. A
former Special Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the city of Richmond, Ms. Stewart joined Boone Beale in 2014. Ms. Stewart’s background and former prosecutor’s perspective, as well as her commitment to courtroom excellence, make her a powerful advocate for those involved in Virginia’s judicial system.

Grace Stewart
Grace Stewart

Ms. Stewart was born and raised in Fauquier County, Virginia. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond. During law school, Ms. Stewart was Vice President of both the Student Bar Association and the Women’s Law Student Association. She was the Manuscripts Editor for the Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business. She also volunteered at the Legal Aid Justice Center and, with over 120 pro bono hours, received the Henry L. Carrico Center’s Pro Bono Certification Award.

Ms. Stewart has experience handling a variety of charges, including: traffic, trespassing, larceny, drug possession and distribution, violent crimes ranging from simple assault to malicious wounding, and robbery.

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Criminal Defense Fairfax, VA

When you are caught in the grip of the long arm of the law, your life instantly changes. Sometimes an arrest involves a great commotion of firearms, glaring lights, handcuffs, and official voices – nothing in life is as terrifying or shattering as being caught in the web of a crime. The right criminal defense in Richmond, VA will counter every element of the case presented by the Commonwealth’s prosecution, and use multiple legal techniques to establish a means to reduce or even dismiss the charges against you.. Working as your legal agent, your criminal attorney in Richmond, VA is a crucial ally with a comprehensive criminal defense in Fairfax, VA in what could be a fight for your future.

At Boone Beale, we help people like you wind their way through the judicial system, creating opportunities and presenting legal arguments along the way to establish the facts and support the credibility of your statements. With a dedicated Boone Beale attorney by your side, your criminal defense in Fairfax, VA will incorporate every bit of information necessary to successfully plead your case before a judge.

Boone Beale is a founding member of the National College for DUI Defense, as well as a member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. With over 100 years of litigation experience in criminal defense in both State and Federal Courts throughout Virginia and the United States, we have earned a reputation for zealous advocacy for all clients. Our knowledgeable team of attorneys practicing criminal defense in Fairfax, VA take a creative approach to litigation that consistently affords you the best possible defense.

Top-Notch Criminal Defense in Richmond, VA

The prosecution of a criminal case in Richmond, VA brings immense resources to apprehend, prosecute, try and convict people of a wide range of criminal offenses. If you, or someone you know or care about, are involved in an incident involving a potential criminal activity, hire an extremely experienced Boone Beale attorney for a winning criminal defense in Richmond, VA. We use technical forensics, legal acumen, and our intimate knowledge of the Richmond court system to protect your rights, ensure a fair trial and obtain the best possible outcome.

Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law, is a Virginia litigation law firm dedicated to providing the highest level of honest, competent and affordable legal services. Since 1980 we have focused on providing comprehensive, strategic criminal defense for Richmond, VA clients. With over three decades in the ever-evolving legal business, we stay current on changes in the law, science, medicine, and forensic technologies to

The criminal attorneys at the Boone Beale law firm are true legal professionals, with an Avvo Top Criminal Defense Attorney rating of 10, and an “AV (Preeminent)” rating by Martindale Hubbell – the highest possible rank for professional ability and ethical standards based on peer evaluations.

Facing the legal battle of your life? Don’t settle for any attorney claiming to provide criminal defense in Richmond, VA. Pick up your cell and call Boone Beale now to select a highly-rated criminal attorney in Richmond, VA for your best defense.