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Criminal Attorney Alexandria, VA

Nothing in life is as frightening or overwhelming as being arrested and accused of committing a crime. And nothing is as important to the outcome of your criminal case as hiring an experienced criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA. If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Alexandria, ensure that you hire a criminal attorney with the experience and sophistication necessary to properly defend your rights in a court of law.

The Code of Virginia defines criminal offenses and sets corresponding penalties. By law, the court must apply the rules of procedure and evidence to each phase of your case. Your criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA will use this same set of standards, as well as all facts and evidence, to develop robust defense strategies in your defense.

A good criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA will have years in the courtroom, where they learn and refine effective legal practices that will benefit your case. An exceptional criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA will know the processes, techniques, strategies and responsibilities of legal representation for misdemeanor and felony trial cases, including interviewing, investigation, research, plea negotiation and courtroom advocacy. They will closely track evidentiary issues, entertain plea negotiations, understand sentencing options and conduct themselves in a completely ethical manner to ensure you and your rights are kept at the center of the proceedings.

Through thorough case preparation and analysis of all evidence, your criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA can be the difference in the legal proceedings that may change your life in ways you never imagined. They will be your personal expert, combing through facts and timelines, gathering witnesses for testimony, and arguing on your behalf. They will work tirelessly to ensure you receive not only a fair trial, but the best possible outcome.

The criminal attorneys at the Boone Beale law firm are true professionals, with an Avvo Top Criminal Defense Attorney rating of 10, and an “AV (Preeminent)” rating by Martindale Hubbell – the highest possible rank for professional ability and ethical standards based on peer evaluations. So if you are facing the fight of your life – don’t settle for less. Contact Boone Beale now to select a highly-rated criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA for your best defense.

Do I Need a Traffic Lawyer in Richmond, VA?

Take it from the Virginia Traffic Lawyers Association – your license is your livelihood. What would happen to you, your family, if you were convicted of a traffic violation in Virginia? In some cases, not much. In others, however, when the stakes are higher, you may need to consider working with a seasoned traffic lawyer in Richmond, VA who knows the courtrooms, understands how they operate, and knows the local people who work with the law.

The consequences can be severe – criminal penalties and fines, points on your driving record, license suspension and the impact on your auto insurance rates. What you may not know is you can also find it difficult to qualify for a loan, lease an apartment, or get a job. For all of these reasons and more, it can really pay to have an experienced traffic lawyer in Richmond, VA at your side when you go to court.

The traffic lawyer you select in Richmond, VA must champion your rights, make you the center of the story and explore every possible angle to craft a strong legal defense on your behalf. Look for a Richmond traffic lawyer with a broad comprehension of the science behind the law – one who knows firsthand when to negotiate a plea deal and when to take a stand.

You see, traffic convictions can haunt you for years, and possibly increase penalties for any future violations. In certain cases a conviction can lead to jail, so don’t assume you can just let it go, or attempt to negotiate the complexities of the legal system alone.

The Boone Beale law firm has the talent, tools and resources to provide you with expert legal counsel in your case. We are a premier regional law firm with the highest available ratings from Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell. When you need a good traffic lawyer in Richmond, VA, call Boone Beale. We’ll provide you with innovative legal solutions and an unsurpassed dedication to your defense

A Savvy Criminal Attorney in Alexandria, VA Makes Forensics A Priority

Are you or someone you care for facing severe legal consequences because of a criminal arrest in Alexandria, VA? We know it is easy to despair, but the truth is – there are many ways to reduce, or even dismiss, the accusations against you. A strong criminal attorney in Alexandria, Va knows there are many ways to reach their goal, and has the knowledge, skills, and experience to weave together the many details surrounding your criminal charges to find all possibilities leading to your innocence. They know forensic science is the key to securing your best outcome at trial.

In July of 2012, the FBI and the Justice Department launched a review of thousands of criminal cases across the country to determine whether defendants in those cases were wrongly convicted or worthy of a fair trial because of flawed forensic evidence. Unfortunately, this process is also flawed.

Media reports suggest Justice Department officials knew for years that flawed forensic results may have led to the wrongful convictions of many potentially innocent people. Unfortunately, neither the convicted defendants nor their criminal attorneys were notified by prosecutors about potentially flawed results. However, a thorough review of these cases was mandated.

This review includes cases conducted by hair and fiber examiners in the FBI laboratory since 1985, perhaps earlier. The possibly flawed forensics data have been used in federal and local criminal cases across the country – often involving violent felonies such as rape, murder and robbery.

There will be over 10,000 cases processed in the review. It’s unclear if government officials will notify criminal defense attorneys in Alexandria, VA or the Innocence Project, an advocacy organization for fair justice. Previously, only prosecuting attorneys were given review results. It was the responsibility of each individual prosecutor to notify the criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA representing the defendant in each case.

You never know where or when a possible defense may be discovered, or if other professionals involved in your guilt or innocence are performing their jobs correctly. If you need an outstanding criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA contact the Boone Beale law firm now. The sooner you reach out, the better. The more time available to prepare your defense, the more opportunities your Boone Beale criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA can identify to present a solid defense in court.

Traffic Lawyer Richmond, VA

Violating the traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia can potentially have life-altering consequences and should not be taken lightly. Hiring a qualified traffic lawyer in Richmond, VA can help you avoid serious penalties and fines, and can result in a reduction of charges, an acquittal, or a case dismissal.

Some people may be inclined to pay the fine associated with a moving traffic violation, regardless of their innocence or guilt, in order to avoid the hassle of going to court or hiring a traffic lawyer in Richmond, VA to contest the charges. This approach is a grave mistake because it ignores the collateral consequences of a traffic conviction. Examples of such collateral consequences, which are often hidden, can include, but are not limited to, increased insurance premiums, a suspension of driving privileges, and a domino cascade of other negative consequences such as job loss or loss of your government security clearance.

Some of the many traffic violations that could send your life into this spiral include speeding, reckless driving, revoked or suspended driver’s license, overweight citations, driving after being declared a habitual offender, ignition interlock violations, and hit and run misdemeanors and felonies. No matter the charges, an expert traffic lawyer in Richmond, VA is your best defense once you reach the courtroom.

It may seem simple at first. Pay the fine, accept the points against your license, and move on. But cases like this can become complicated quickly. Hiring a traffic attorney in Richmond, VA can prevent your simple traffic stop from snowballing into something more damaging over time. Don’t let your simple traffic stop become the beginning of something more significant in your life.

If you have concerns about maintaining your driving privilege, paying increased insurance premiums, or a host of other “what ifs?” then the traffic attorneys at the Boone Beale law firm are well-equipped to address your concerns. We have some of the most experienced traffic attorneys in the Commonwealth who can help you navigate the legal system with positive results. Contact us today to find a traffic lawyer in Richmond, VA you can trust, with the knowledge and skills to help you successfully resolve your traffic case.