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A skilled, DUI lawyer in Woodbridge VA, is your best defense against any DUI charges. Call the Woodbridge DUI specialists at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law, for your most promising opportunity to secure a positive resolution in your DUI case.

A DUI charge may seem to be pretty cut-and-dry on the surface, but there are many ways a highly-rated Boone Beale DUI lawyer in Woodbridge, VA, can help lessen your penalties, shorten a jail sentence, or, through painstaking legal and investigative work, demonstrate that you did not receive fair or just treatment during or after your DUI traffic stop.

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With cutting-edge education and training in high-tech forensics, crime scene investigation, and the latest findings in medical science, your Boone Beale DUI attorney can meticulously piece together the evidence in your case to disprove the assertions of the prosecution, challenge test results, or demonstrate that the authorities involved in the processing and collection of evidence against you did not precisely follow all procedural mandates.

Your best driving under the influence defense begins and ends with the painstakingly prepared argument presented by your Boone Beale DUI lawyer. Woodbridge VA, drivers accused of committing a DUI face notoriously stiff penalties and severe punishments, including VASAP classes, an ignition interlock device, administrative and court fees, the loss of driving privileges, and the inevitable financial, social, and personal costs associated with a DUI conviction.

A well-planned defense is critical if you are charged as a repeat or habitual DUI offender. A felony DUI conviction carries a mandatory, minimum $1,000 fine, indefinite revocation of your driver’s license, and is prosecuted as a Class 6 felony. Conviction for a third DUI offense within five years carries penalties including a mandatory, minimum six-month jail term, while conviction for a third DUI third offense within ten years also imposes an additional minimum 90-day jail term plus the permanent forfeiture of any vehicle for which you are sole title holder.

Did you know a DUI conviction stays with you for life with devastating long-term consequences? What are you waiting for? Hire a dedicated Boone Beale DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA, today and make the criminal justice system work to your advantage.