Your DUI Defense in Fairfax VA Begins Long Before the Courtroom

Contact the expert lawyers at Boone Beale for your DUI defense in Fairfax VA, as soon as can after being charged. You have no time to waste if you want to flush out every opportunity you have to minimize consequences, reduce your penalties, or fight to have your DUI charges dismissed.

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Whenever something serious happens in life – medical crisis, financial setbacks, legal trouble – you don’t say to yourself “I can handle this by myself.” You hire well-trained professionals who are highly credentialed, reputable experts in their field. When you choose a Boone Beale DUI lawyer to represent you, you get some of the most experienced lawyers in the DUI arena, known for creative and innovative DUI Defense in Fairfax VA. With over three decades of DUI case litigation, we bring well-honed skill sets and complete comfort with all those people that conduct the business of the judicial system in Fairfax County.

DUI Defense in Fairfax VA

Your DUI defense in Fairfax Virginia begins long before the courtroom. Believe it or not, most DUI cases, are resolved during the pretrial phase. Wait a day or more after your arrest and critical evidence may already be damaged or destroyed. At Boone Beale, we take great pains to investigate every fact, each piece of evidence, and every story narrative in search of every potential DUI defense tactic. Fairfax, VA residents facing the lifelong hardship of a DUI conviction on their criminal record can trust the highly-qualified DUI lawyers at Boone Beale to deliver a winning DUI defense in Fairfax Virginia.

DUI Defense in Fairfax VA

DUI Defense in Fairfax VA

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