Your Criminal Lawyer in Richmond, VA – Selection Criteria

When you find yourself in the clutches of the law, how do you find a qualified criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA? Use these helpful tips, compliments of the Boone Beale law firm, to ensure you find and hire the criminal lawyer in Richmond who can present your best defense.

Personal Recommendations
The premier source for professional services, personal recommendations from business associates, neighbors or friends are still the gold standard of finding a good criminal lawyer. You may know someone who knows someone who works with or within the legal field who can make a credible referral to a criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA.

Courtroom Observation
Many court sessions are open to the public. Use this as an opportunity to observe several criminal lawyers in Richmond to ascertain whether their style and approach may meet your needs. It could be a chance to springboard into a referral from someone inside the criminal justice system.

Online directories, including, FindLaw, and Avvo, are organized and supported by the legal profession to help match clients with suitable criminal defense lawyers. Peruse lawyer profiles and compare qualifications and experience from these highly reputable services.

Certified Lawyer Referral Service
Contact the Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral Service. In the Richmond, VA metropolitan area call (804) 775-0808. If you are referred to a criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA, you are entitled to a half hour consultation for $35.

Once you find the right criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA for your case make sure to review the fee agreement carefully before signing the contract. The fee agreement outlines the services your criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA will provide, as well as the type and amount of fees you will pay. It explains how the expenses related to your case will be billed. The fee agreement should explicitly address every aspect of your contract so both you and your criminal lawyer know what to expect and how the partnership will proceed.

When your circumstances demand exceptional legal counsel, you can also contact Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law – providing quality legal services for Virginians since 1980. If you need an experienced criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA as quickly as possible, call us today. We can help relieve your legal concerns and help you present a strong legal defense in your Richmond, VA criminal case.