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When the sirens blow and the lights flash, and you’re behind the wheel, you need the best DUI lawyer in Richmond VA. No matter your circumstances, a DUI can wreak havoc with your life for decades. Ask the guy working on my house. He’s unable to secure entry level employment because of a DUI from two decades ago. No McDonalds, no Dairy Queen, no Lowes, no nothing. A quick internet background check reveals your criminal record, warts and all. And, with digital communication, everybody knows everybody else’s business, so don’t think you can hide. I know he couldn’t.

Ironically, you can also be convicted of a DUI without actually driving in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In March, 2012, the Virginia Supreme Court overturned 20 years of precedent by ruling that if you occupy a vehicle driver’s seat with the key placed in the ignition, you are legally operating that vehicle and committing a DUI crime. You need the best DUI Lawyer in Richmond VA.

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Yes, Virginia, breaking DUI law here includes anyone who is intoxicated and sitting alone in the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle with the key in the ignition. Obviously the definition of “operating” is somewhat refined in the Old Dominion. Kidding aside, this reinforces the magnitude of seriousness with which Virginia authorities treat driving under the influence.

And, as if the Virginia code wasn’t harsh enough toward DUI infractions, a DUI stays on your record forever. That’s permanent, no change, ever. Virginia law offers no provisions to erase or expunge any misdemeanor or felony conviction. You did it, you own it – for life.

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Best DUI Lawyer In Richmond VA
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