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For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recognizes three field sobriety tests as having some statistical correlation with having a BAC above a .08. Failing the walk and turn test has a statistical correlation of sixty-eight (68%) per cent that one is over a .08. Said another way, approximately 1 out of every 3 people who take this test may fail and be below the .08 BAC.

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This test is divided into two stages: (1) the instruction phase and (2) the walking phase. During the instruction stage, the officer is scoring you to see if you break the stance that you were instructed to assume (with one foot in front of the other) or starting the test too soon (before finishing the instructions and being told to begin).

During the walking stage, the officer is looking to see if you step off a straight line (usually imaginary so no guide for the test taker or the evaluator); take the incorrect number of steps; fail to touch heel to toe or more than 1/2″ apart; fail to count the steps out loud; turn incorrectly; or raise your arms more than 6″ from your body. If you show two or more of these clues, there is a 68% chance that your BAC is above a .08.

We evaluate whether your test was conducted on a level surface, free from debris. Whether or not the shoes you were wearing were high-heeled stilettos or running shoes? Was there proper lighting? Were you attempting the test too close to traffic or were there other unnatural impediments that would cause you to perform more poorly? Sometimes the tests you took raise more questions than provide answers. If you feel that the tests were not fair, they probably were not. Call us to see if we can help! Remember, the initial consultation is always free.

Woodbridge Virginia DUI Defense

Woodbridge Virginia DUI Defense
Woodbridge Virginia DUI Defense