Why Repeat Offenders Need a Qualified DUI Lawyer in Fairfax County, VA

In today’s world, a routine traffic stop can lead to serious life-altering consequences if you are suspected of and charged with DUI. You need the legal expertise of a DUI lawyer in Fairfax County, VA to guard your Constitutional rights and maximize the potential for a positive outcome in your case designed to protect your future.

Of those people serving a prior sentence for breaking Virginia DUI laws, nearly half have convictions for a repeat DUI offense. That’s why recent changes to DUI laws focus aggressively on reducing driver alcohol consumption by lowering the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit and instituting punitive penalties and fines to help prevent repeat DUI offenses.

In DUI criminal cases in the Commonwealth of Virginia the government has the burden to prove a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is the responsibility of your DUI lawyer in Fairfax County, VA to:

  1. Follow the prerequisite administrative and court procedures in accordance with legal, ethical and professional standards.
  2. Present your most effective DUI defense not only in the courtroom, but most importantly, during every phase of the criminal justice process. A top-rated DUI lawyer in Fairfax County, VA will take every opportunity to protect your rights and defend you during your arraignment and pretrial service, through the rules of discovery, to negotiating a plea bargain or presenting compelling arguments during your trial.
  3. Thoroughly investigate and challenge every potential piece of evidence, each eyewitness, and the actions or the many professionals involved in law enforcement and the criminal justice system who take part in establishing the prosecution’s case.
  4. Work in partnership with you, other legal and criminal justice professionals, and those involved directly in your case to: establish facts; direct investigative, procedural, and other critical tasks; and to maintain accurate, responsive communication.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having multiple Virginia DUI convictions, severe consequences can be difficult or impossible to avoid – even with a qualified DUI lawyer in Fairfax County, VA. But, hiring a DUI lawyer can save you thousands of dollars in court administrative costs and reduced fines, and finding the right DUI lawyer in Fairfax, VA could lead to that one challenging argument that could reverse the charges against you, and have your case dismissed.