What to do After a Baby DUI in Fairfax VA

Experts and those who have faced a Baby DUI in Fairfax VA, agree that the best thing you can do after a “baby DUI” is hire the best DUI attorney you can afford.

A minor can be charged with a baby DUI under VA Code §18.2-266.1, which permits anyone under 21 behind the wheel with a minimum BAC of .02 to be charged under the same statute as a person over 21. Even though underage drinkers who drive are technically not intoxicated, they can still be arrested under DUI laws (even they are legally sober) because they have illegally consumed alcohol. That’s the bottom line with Baby DUI in Fairfax VA.

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How important is hiring a qualified lawyer in your baby DUI case? It may mean the difference between a manageable, favorable outcome and facing more severe, life-long penalties and consequences. Many Virginians with baby DUI convictions have difficulty with employment, obtaining loans, and qualifying for apartment rentals. Add to that soaring insurance rates, possibly an ignition interlock device and associated costs, and the costs of one baby DUI in Fairfax, VA, can be staggering.

On the website fairfaxunderground.com, Bill N. comments from personal experience:

“The cop is going to have to make his case based on your driving and on your behavior once he pulled you over. So it is really going to come down to which judge you pull, how good of a show the cop puts on, and how good your attorney is. There is only one of these factors which is under your control. So go out there and hire the best attorney for DUI in Fairfax Virginia you can find.

DUI in Fairfax VA

Now for the warning. Do not think the prosecutor is doing you any favors by reducing the charge to reckless. That is pretty much the standard plea bargain for a first time DUI in Fairfax Virginia, one they will readily offer even if your BAC is well above the legal limit. In this situation you’ll likely have ASAP, license suspension, a nasty fine and a hefty hike in your insurance premiums. If that is the best deal a prosecutor will offer, have your attorney make sure they have a strong case on the DUI, because this deal can seriously mess with your life.”

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Baby DUI in Fairfax VA

Baby DUI in Fairfax VA
Baby DUI in Fairfax VA