What to ask before hiring a criminal lawyer in Prince William County VA

Hiring a criminal lawyer in Prince William County VA.

The judiciary system in Virginia does not take charges and arrests lightly. A speeding violation in other states such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Maryland will result in a ticket. A speeding violation in northern Virginia can result in a fine, jail time, and 12 months of license suspension. When convicted of a misdemeanor and felony in Prince William County, VA, your best option would be to hire a criminal lawyer in Prince William County VA to help fight your case. You should arm yourself with the knowledge of how your attorney will help your argument.

What cases do criminal attorneys usually fight?

  1. Traffic Violations. Cases involving reckless driving and other driving violations can result in suspension of license or a big fine.
  2. Narcotics arrests. Cases involving drug possession usage; trials and punishment depend on the drugs involved. One can expect years of jail time or a hard time with the court system in the future if ever convicted or sentenced.
  3. DUI/DWI. These are the cases that involve DUI stops and legal infractions involving drinking and driving. Usually a small fine, but can be a class 2 misdemeanor if ever caught drunk driving again.
  4. Assault and battery. These are cases that involve physical violence on a victim and can have a serious punishment that affects employment, status in the country, and family life.
  5. Larceny and theft. The two categories are Petty larceny vs. Grand larceny. First one results in a fine if stolen property is under $200, the latter turning into a misdemeanor and felony that can result in prison time.
  6. Alcohol possession and consumption. These are the cases that involve public alcohol consumption and usage and juvenile possession.

How will my criminal lawyer in Prince William County VA help me reduce my sentence or punishment?

Reducing your sentence requires cooperation between your lawyer and you. Provide your lawyer with past records to let him/her give you a perspective on what to expect from the trial, and give him/her clear accounts of the situation. Your personal argument will help the lawyer use other laws to reinforce your case.

These are questions you should consider asking when hiring a criminal attorney in Prince William County VA.