What Legal Education does your Criminal Attorney in Richmond, VA Have Regarding the Fourth Amendment and Digital Devices?

Do you need a criminal attorney in Richmond, VA with a strong litigation background in Fourth Amendment Constitutional privacy or search and seizure laws?

With rapid advancements in the deployment of sophisticated high-tech law enforcement equipment and increasing investigative reliance on digital devices and computing applications, Fourth Amendment implications often arise in cases that otherwise may be routine for law enforcement. Today you need a savvy criminal attorney in Richmond, VA to examine evidence, understand the meaning and impact of trace evidence testing, explain the criminal justice process, and guide you safely through the complicated maze of criminal investigation and the pursuit of modern day justice.

In the ordinary investigation and prosecution of criminals, law enforcement has many tools and resources to gather, preserve, test, and examine evidence to build a case for conviction. Your criminal lawyer in Richmond, VA has some of those resources, and the law, to build your defense. The law is notoriously sluggish in keeping pace with legal questions raised by rapid technological changes in our society.

According to Cornell University the advent of the internet and increasing dependence on computers has fostered a wild west environment of electronic crime. This type of crime, and the evidence of these crimes, is often housed on computers, hard drives, smart phones and other digital devices. The Fourth Amendment protections do apply to the search and seizure of electronic devices, but the legal wrangling over definitions and details will continue for years.

In the terrifying wake of 9/11 Congress passed The Patriot Act. This legislation recalibrated a much lower evidentiary standard, making it easier to obtain a basic search warrant. It also encouraged the practice of National Security Letters (NSL) – administrative subpoenas that absolve a law enforcement agency from responsibility to obtain a warrant or a court order before conducting a search of records. Look for more legislation over the next decade on this murky debate.

If you or someone you know have been exposed to prejudicial or unfair treatment at the hands of law enforcement, call the Boone Beale expert criminal attorneys in Richmond, VA for immediate legal counsel. Time is critical in chronicling details, contacting witnesses, and gathering essential evidence. Retaining the services of an experienced criminal attorney in Richmond, VA isn’t enough. Make sure the criminal attorney you select to advocate for your rights through the criminal justice process is a preeminent authority on Fourth Amendment protections and how they play out in the context of the circumstances in your particular arrest and preliminary criminal processing.

As members of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, many of the Boone Beale criminal attorneys in Richmond, VA are not only highly-respected litigator, but active legal educators operating on the cutting edge of legal challenges involving our Fourth Amendment Constitutional protections.

Call the Boone Beale law firm to hire well-qualified criminal attorneys in Richmond, VA for your best legal defense.