Facing a Serious Virginia Felony Offense? Find Serious Criminal Defense in Chesterfield County, VA.

The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Boone Beale have faced thousands of serious felony charges. For 34 years our Virginia criminal defense lawyers have been dedicated to successfully defending clients against criminal charges. Chesterfield County, VA residents – the sooner you contact us after your arrest, the better. The more time we have to prepare together, the stronger your defense will be at your trial.

We have handled thousands of Virginia criminal cases over the years ranging from simple assault and drug charges to white collar crime and capital murder. Boone Beale has the resources, talent, and expertise necessary to construct a multi-layered defense capable of successfully presenting your case.

All cases in the Chesterfield County General District Court are heard by a judge. The general district court doesn’t conduct jury trials. They are held in circuit court, as required by the Constitution of Virginia. The grand jury determines whether you will be indicted and held for trial by the circuit court. Preliminary hearings in felony cases determine whether or not there is probable cause to believe you committed the offense to justify holding you for a future grand jury hearing.

The Code of Virginia defines criminal offenses and sets all penalties. By law, the court must apply the rules of procedure and evidence to each phase of every case it hears.

Chesterfield County, VA criminal defense is a very complex area of law. It requires continual monitoring, diligent analysis, and constant integration. You may know that you “have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can be used against you” (your Miranda Warning), but do you know when the Miranda ruling applies? There is eternal legal argument as to when someone is “in the custody” of police triggering invocation of the Miranda Warning. Call a Boone Beale experienced Virginia attorney right now. With years of experience litigating Chesterfield County, VA criminal defense cases, we can help you quickly and confidently navigate the complex Virginia court system.