Understanding a Baby DUI in Richmond VA

Baby DUI in Richmond VA, is a nickname given to a DUI conviction under Virginia code §18.2-266.1, which makes it illegal for anyone under age 21 to drive after consuming alcohol, regardless of their blood alcohol content (BAC). While a .08 is still the legal BAC required for conviction in an adult DWI charge in Virginia, the legal threshold for a baby DWI is .02. Most underage drinkers don’t even know they can be arrested by the police for drinking and driving while they are technically sober and charged as if they were an adult. Imagine their surprise when the police pull out their handcuffs.

Punishments for a baby DUI in Richmond VA, include a loss of driving privileges for up to one year, a $500 fine, or community service in lieu of the fine depending on the judge. Based on the individual circumstances involved in your case, a restricted license may be issued. But your baby DUI conviction can set the stage for a cavalcade of consequences that will influence the quality of your life far into the future.

Ironically, a baby DUI can’t technically be called a DUI because it does not have a legal mandate that requires intoxication while operating automotive equipment. However, a baby DUI in Richmond VA, does require the driver be under age 21 while in the act of driving a motor vehicle with a BAC at or above.02 percent but below.08 percent.

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Although it sounds so innocent, conviction of a “baby dui,” in Richmond, VA, carries serious penalties often defined in the media as some of the most severe in the country. In Virginia, underage driving after illegally consuming alcohol is a Class 1 misdemeanor crime including a punishment of:

  • a maximum of a year in jail
  • forfeiture of your driver’s license for one year , though a restricted license may be granted by the judge.
  • a mandatory minimum fine of $500 not to exceed $2,500, or a mandatory 50 hours of community service, and
  • mandatory referral to the Virginia ASAP program

Baby DUI in Richmond VA

While some defendants may believe “I’m guilty, and this is my just punishment.” others may feel they are entitled to all of the protections they are guaranteed under the law. In these cases, your best defense against a DUI in Richmond, VA, mitigates penalties and reduces the crippling effect of subsequent lifelong damages.

The experienced legal professionals at the Boone Beale law firm offer comprehensive, responsive legal services to challenge the circumstances of your baby DUI. The experienced Boone Beale lawyers, specializing in DUI in Richmond VA, offer young drivers their most penetrating and effective DUI defense.

DUI in Richmond VA
DUI in Richmond VA