Traffic Lawyer Fairfax, VA

If you, like so many other drivers in Virginia, are stopped by law enforcement for any one of a number of reasons, you circumstances may dictate the need for a sophisticated traffic lawyer in Fairfax, VA. We’ve all heard the talk – “Traffic citations are no big deal.” “Don’t worry about it. Just pay the fine.” But, it may be a big deal. Maybe it’s a fine, and driver improvement classes. Having an experienced traffic lawyer in Fairfax, VA by your side during the legal proceedings may be a wise investment.

The Governors Highway Safety Association highlights the following list of key highway safety laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

• Aggressive Driving

• Child Passenger Safety

• Distracted Driving

• Drug Impaired Driving

• Drunk Driving

• Seat Belts

• Sobriety Checkpoints

• Speed Limits

• Speed and Red Light Cameras

• Work Zones

By 2013, forty-seven states and the District of Columbia had enacted laws against distracted driving. They report that distracted driving laws are being strongly enforced, with text messaging bans for all drivers increasing by 45 percent over the past three years. And, over the past ten years, the legislature in Virginia has slowly constricted the laws pertaining to the illegal use of alcohol and drugs while driving. We now have some of the most stringent regulations for traffic offenses on the books in the nation.

Regardless of why your vehicle was stopped, or how law enforcement made the arrest, you are now faced with a minor legal headache that may just turn into a personal disaster. Standing before a judge or a jury alone is often not permitted, and never recommended. You can find a traffic lawyer in Fairfax, VA with the legal expertise, courtroom demeanor, and reputation for success you deserve.

Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. Your Boone Beale traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA believes this, and will defend your rights while crafting a comprehensive legal strategy. Contact Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law for an outstanding traffic lawyer in Fairfax, VA. We have the resources, local knowledge, and legal skill to provide you with exceptional legal representation and present your best defense.