Traffic Defense Henrico County VA

Traffic Defense Henrico County VA

If you are stopped for a traffic violation in the Richmond, Virginia area chances are you will deal with the traffic division of the Henrico County Police Department (HCPD). Law enforcement is taken seriously where traffic in Henrico County, Virginia is concerned. With 584 sworn officers, the HCPD has two units who monitor traffic in Henrico County. They are dedicated to traffic safety, roadway management, speed enforcement, and traffic incident investigation.

Henrico County Maintains Roadways and Traffic Law Enforcement
Henrico is one of two counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia that maintains its own road infrastructure. It makes sense that where they maintain their own roadways, they make motor vehicle safety and traffic violation prosecution a top priority.

The Henrico Traffic Crash Team – is the primary operational unit responsible for forensic field work regarding traffic laws and violations. These are the traffic experts in Henrico who investigate traffic accidents and complaints. They know traffic safety law and work with traffic engineers on everything from criminal investigations to implementation of traffic calming measures. They are responsible for maintenance and administrative records for breathalyzer units.

The HCPD Motor Unit – manages overall traffic safety operations and speed enforcement. These are patrol officers in their police cruisers or unmarked cars who stop, arrest, and charge motorists observed violating traffic laws in Henrico County.

Serious Penalties for Violations of Traffic Law in Henrico County
In Virginia, one speeding ticket inflicts harsh consequences with costly penalties. If you are arrested while exceeding 80 mph, or going 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit, you can also be charged with reckless driving by speed. If you are accused of driving over 90 mph you could face jail time. As a Class 1 misdemeanor, reckless driving by speed can also result in a license suspension. Whether you are a Virginia resident, or an out-of-state driver accused of a reckless driving traffic violation in Henrico County, it is critical to have a skilled defense lawyer protect your rights and develop a strong case.

At Boone Beale we are dedicated to understanding the nature of your arrest. The details of your case will determine the best approach to your defense. Boone Beale has years of experience with the Code of Virginia in the Henrico County courts. No matter the charges you face for traffic violations in Henrico County, Virginia, you are in good legal hands with a Boone Beale attorney by your side.